former competitor attempted to kill a person

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From a former competitor of the Island of the Famous, Sandra Milo, comes a revelation that is nothing short of disconcerting: the woman allegedly confessed her attempt to kill a person, leaving the audience completely speechless.

Sandra Milo (stage name of Salvatrice Elena Greco) was a competitor toIsland of the Famous in the now distant 2010. The woman, present in the world of entertainment and cinema for a long time, next March will be 90 years old. Furthermore, we will soon have the pleasure of reading her autobiography of her, entitled “The child witch”, which will be published in a few months. The book will be about her whole life, including all of her greatest loves.

Indeed, how can I forget her love affair with Federico Fellini? The relationship between the two has now taken on legendary contours: the director was about to leave Giuletta Masinacompanion of Federico for a very long time. However Sandra he had decided to give up because he feared that, once he made this choice, Fellini could regret his wife.

However, just as far as love is concerned, Sandra Milo today he thinks in another way:

I don’t practice it because I don’t have time. But sex without love isn’t that much of an interest to me. Love needs care and I don’t want second hand love.

Sandra Milo and the shock confession: a dark secret from her past resurfaces

Needless to say, by now we thought we knew pretty much everything about Sandra Milo, but the woman still managed to leave us speechless with a blood-chilling confession. These are the words of the former competitor to theIsland of the Famous:

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I tried to kill a person. It was self defense, but extreme defense nonetheless. I am always opposed to violence.

A thrilling statement to say the least. But let’s analyze the situation in more detail to understand what it is all about.
In an interview with ‘The 27th hour’, blog of the Corriere della Sera, Sandra Milo reported an event in her private life, unknown to anyone until that moment, which shocked the public: the woman allegedly tried to kill a person.

The former participant in theIsland of the Famous however, he is not unbalanced: Sandra it does not mention specific names, it does not even tell the circumstances or the context in which such a situation would have occurred. Therefore, we can not help but respect the privacy of Sandra Miloeven if from the words of the woman it is possible to understand how deeply the matter touched her.

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