Cenova, a square to commemorate the flood of 2020, the mayor: “Next week we will put the drains in the mountains”

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Cenova. Almost three years after the flood that devastated western Liguria in 2020, the village in Valle della Giara is still a town divided in half: the area, so-called “Pg4” decreed by the Region, where the landslide hit the oratory and some houses together with the red zone where, at the moment, it is not possible to live, but that the Municipality intends to remove as soon as “it will be understood – he explains Renato Adornomayor of Rezzo- if the interventions made upstream to stem any mudslide will work ”and the area where the inhabitants of the town of stonecutters continue their lives.

«In addition – he continues – from next week we will put the drains that are used to remove the water from the mountain in case of excessive quantities of water. Once all these interventions have been carried out, we will certainly be able to look at future rainfall without apprehension ».

«Removing the red zone – he continues – will not mean removing all the problems inherent to the square because the Liguria Region has recognized this area as a Pg4 area, so there will be off-limits interventions. For example, it will no longer be possible to rebuild a new house but other interventions or even to renovate the houses affected by the flood will be possible ”.

Of the two houses a few steps from the oratory now nothing is left, a small square will rise in their place. «The extremely urgent works, which are all those works that will give the possibility for new types of intervention and which serve to secure the area, have continued.

They are mainly divided into three activities: the first one in the village, which was done by the demolition of houses and the construction of a new square. Then, there are works slightly further upstream concerning the barrier that had been made to contain the flood of 2019 and finally the interventions at height where the landslide started to keep the material up at height and to make suitable drainage structures to remove the water in moments of excessive rainfall. All these works should lead us to give peace to the country.


What we are doing on the square – he continues – the access wall to the houses has been redone and where there were the old houses we are trying to talk to the properties, almost all of them have responded in a positive way, for the good-natured sale and we will provide to the planning of the square to get to make a meeting point. This area of ​​the town is Pg4 and it will not be possible to carry out major interventions but it will be possible to build this square recreated with stones in order to remember what the old town was. This intervention has already been presented to the Liguria Region. Another intervention that the Municipality will make with its own funds, about 100 thousand euros, is to redo the central road of the town ».

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«Upstream – concludes the mayor – there have been interventions concerning the safety of the slope and these works have been done with the emergency sums and are ending in these days. The designer’s intention is to stop the material upstream before it reaches the valley ».

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