Sunday 11 September 2022 in Cassola on Mennea Day

Sunday 11 September 2022 in Cassola on Mennea Day
Sunday 11 September 2022 in Cassola on Mennea Day
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A 200-meter-long thrill, which for over 40 years has accompanied athletics and the entire Italian sport. Over the weekend, throughout Italy, it will be Mennea Day again. About nine years after his death, which took place on March 21, 2013, athletics returns to celebrate one of the most beloved champions: the Freccia del Sud, Moscow’s Olympic gold medal 1980.

On the fortieth anniversary of the sensational 200-meter world record – that 19 ”72 raced on 12 September 1979 at the Universiade in Mexico City, still a European record today – the tracks come back to life in the name of Pietro Mennea. Everyone will be able to run the 200 meters, thus demonstrating, with their presence, the adherence to those sporting values ​​that the blue champion was able to tie in an inseparable way to his name: integrity and dedication, respect for himself and the opponents .

In Veneto also this year, as already in 2019 and 2021, will take place in Cassola, in the Vicenza area, where, on Sunday 11 September, the sprints of Mennea Day will close a weekend of events organized by Gs Marconi which also includes the Serenissima Para Athletics Meeting, dedicated to Paralympic athletes. In fact, the Fispes (Paralympic athletes) and Fisdir (intellectual relational Paralympic) federations in an inclusive logic that has always characterized the activity of GS Marconi.

Cassola’s Mennea Day will host the European vice-champion of the triple as testimonial Andrew Dallavalle (Yellow Flames) and the continental bronze of the hammer Will be Jockeys (Carabinieri), both placed fourth in the Eugene World Cup. With them the blue long-distance player Laura Layers (Atl. Vicentina), home star. First flown in the 200 at 16 and 15. In closing, from 18 and 15, the “open” series open to non-members. In outline, invitational triple, disc and alto competitions. Part of the proceeds from the registrations will be donated to the Pietro Mennea Onlus Foundation.

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