an ideology that will be fatal for Italy and the EU

an ideology that will be fatal for Italy and the EU
an ideology that will be fatal for Italy and the EU
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Monetarist theories can be fatal for peoples and states. Because? But because they can throw both into the abyss of the socio-economic crisis and at the same time of the institutional systemic decomposition.

That’s what’s happening because of the much Fed decisions how much of the ECB regarding the overt inflation. But it is above all at the ECB that we must look to understand the aforementioned assumption. In fact, what we continue to call inflation is not inflation, because wages do not increase, just as demand does not increase, and therefore much less the circulating or hoarded money supply.

Instead, we are facing a very different phenomenon, while wages in Europe continue to decline and consumption is falling at breakneck speed after the drunkenness of post-Covid expenses. We are facing a sort of point-like increase in the prices of specific raw materials such as fossil, energy, untreated food and idiosyncratic products essential to process them, from microprocessors to rare earths, to pesticide chemical compounds and so on. In short, these are the effects of inflation from lack of supply and not of inflation from excess demand.

Even a child can understand this as long as he is not cognitively poisoned by the monetarist neoclassical bombardment of abacus experts who, after Milton Friedman and his cronies, reigns in universities and above all in the gazettes and various magazines. But the educated and graduates do not understand it, and above all they understand it how landscape beneficial are the landowners and elders who continue the class struggle against workers, artisans, VAT numbers and all those who live on the margins or already in poverty.

Bewildered that to these suicidal policies which also make us forget the occasional nursery rhymes pronounced by some of the aforementioned landowners to keep the crowds happy (remember the “good debt” different from the “bad” one of a draghian invention immediately forgotten?) mass desertification of European industry (starting with the German and Italic ones already advocated with the economic sanctions drawn up and imposed by the USA against the ethnic and racist Russian imperialists) are combined with policies of evident inability to guarantee energy supplies to the peoples of the nations who signed the European treaties.

Of caps on the price of gas (let’s forget the madness of setting ceilings on prices determined by stock market expectations) it was said by the kind Amazon of Cirque du Soleil, now president of the EU, that we will speak at the end of October. It will be a forum in which disorder will reign manifest. Meanwhile, not only will economic conditions worsen, but neither will it be possible to warm up. Think of the sick in hospitals, of the elderly in retirement and nursing homes, of young people in schools.

In short, in my day such a situation was called entropy, that is, disorder with no return.

What is problematic is that all this in Italy happens a few days after the vote and that the protests by citizens, poor people, workers, intellectuals and if exponents of parties in the electoral campaign are few or laughed at. they try to denounce everything they are called sovereignists or worse.

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It is a desperate situation from which only faith in Providence – true faith, that of the simple – can save us.

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