program today Sunday 11 September 2022!

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Selargino wedding: appointment in Selargius from 6 to 11 September 2022 with the Antico Sposalizio Selargino, discover the program!

Antico Marriage Selargino 2022: appointment in Selargius from 6 to 11 September

  • Tuesday 6 September

    • HOURS 10:00 | PRESS CONFERENCE in the Romanesque church of San Giuliano.
      Wednesday 7th September

    • 21:00 | Comedy in Sardinian dialect “Fiuda de Guerra”, Quartu S’Elena Sacred Heart Company. MV Assunta Square.

  • Thursday 8th September

    • 18:00 | Inauguration of the exhibition of Selargini handicraft products, Buildings Piazza Si ‘e Boi. Visiting hours: from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00 until 11 September.

    • 21:00 | Sardinian Dialect Poetic Competition with the improvisers E. Vargiu, P. Mereu, A. Pani, F. Patteri, R. Dentoni on guitar.
      MV Assunta Square.

  • Friday 9 September

    • 20:00 | “SA CANTADA A IS PICIOCAS” directed on Vidiolina
      Is cantadas will be performed in the houses: Luigi Ligas in via Roselli 59, Casa Luigi Ragatzu in via San Giuliano 12-14 and conclusion in the Pro Loco headquarters in Via Bezzecca 44-46.

    • 22:00 | Musical Show – DJ Sandro murru, Piazza MV Assunta.

  • Saturday 10th September


    • 21:00 | Cabaret Show – Daniele Contu, Piazza MV Assunta.

  • Sunday 11th September

    ANCIENT WEDDING SELARGINO 2022 live on Videolina

    • 08:00 am | Dressing of the groom, Casa Canonico Putzu via Roma 63.

    • 08:20 | Dressing of the bride and meeting with the bride and groom guests, Casa Luigi Ligas via Rosselli 59.

    • 09:00 am | Beginning of the Wedding Procession, organized by the Kellarious Folk Group.


    • 12:30 pm | Promise of love in the Romanesque Temple of San Giuliano.

    • 13:00 | Wedding procession through the streets: San Nicolò, San Giuliano, Via Roma, Casa Canonico Putzu. Blessing of the Spouses, wedding banquet.

    • 20:00 | Folk show of dances and songs in Piazza MV Assunta: with the participation of the groups present at the event and the Folk Group host of the event. The evening presented by Veronica Fadda will be broadcast by the Videolina broadcaster.

ancient Selargino wedding program

ancient Selargino wedding 2022

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