Velletri – Franco Ercoli lives, 30 years after his tragic death

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September 10, 1992, September 10, 2022. Today is the sad anniversary of the early death of Franco Ercoliwho died tragically at the age of 49 years old. On the thirtieth anniversary of his death, we remember a political exponent appreciated across the board, who has since continued to live again in the eyes of his loved ones and those who have treasured his example.

In 2017, during the 25th anniversary of his death, he was remembered in the section of San Martino, dedicated to him, in the presence of Giorgia Meloni, who spent words on honey for him. “I started in politics when I was 15, in the very year of Franco Ercoli’s death “began the leader of the Brothers of Italy, who 5 years later, a few days before the political elections, is preparing to compete with the electorate with the palm of favor to become the first female Prime Minister.

“Many anecdotes – Giorgia Meloni declared – they helped me to get to know him better as a political militant. We cannot prevent the people we love and the best from leaving – added, right next to Franco Ercoli’s eldest daughter, his beloved daughter Chiara -. However, we are given to live up to their example and to adequately collect Franco’s example means remembering that politics remains the most extraordinary form of civil commitment that exists in the world, even when politicians, and it often happens, are not at all ‘height of the situation, given that someone has used the inadequacy of a certain political class to massacre the instrument of politics itself, which if done well is done in the interest of the people. And precisely to those who need people to count for nothing that politics need to count even less. But politics must be done for the interests of the people and it is when this does not happen that politics is no longer useful ”. “I will never stop saying that politics is not done for the party, but for the people – Giorgia Meloni added, in a cross-section of political doctrines that originated precisely from the reflections on the figure of Franco Ercoli -; the party is an instrument, but the aim of political commitment is your people, even those who do not vote for you and do not believe in your ideas and do not feel represented in them. This is why I believe that it is necessary to put one’s identity, one’s values ​​and one’s land first of all ”.

“Politics is not about privileges – he reiterated on the occasion Chiara Ercoliamong the applause -: do not listen to the bad examples of arid, greedy, improvised and unscrupulous people. Politics is made up of sacrifices, of giving up something of oneself to put it at the service of the community, of removing resources and energy from one’s family with courage and a lot of strength and it was and remains the best tool to defend the last, the forgotten, those who they are always at the bottom “. Just what his father knew how to do, in the time he was allowed, he who was provincial and municipal councilor, and a prominent element in the MSI veliterno.

“I had the privilege of meeting Franco and spending whole evenings in his courtyard, together with my father Lino, who was the party secretary, and together with Pio Franco, the ideologue of the MSI in Velletri – declared the regional councilor on the same day Giancarlo Righini. People of extraordinary civic example, to whom we owe so much. With him I got on the ramshackle Cinquecento with which we went around Velletri to put up posters. Franco used to ride with his scooter, license plate ‘VL 001’, also fighting for the establishment of the province of Velletri. He fought many battles, even against subdivisions and building speculations and everything he believed deserved to be faced and fought “.


“His soul is still here with us – declared Giancarlo Righini -; he is with us ideally, because here he lives his spirit and his extraordinary example of passion and commitment to politics, in defense of the least and of those who need to feel the closeness and affection of politics, the real one. Roots as deep as ours never freeze – Righini reiterated – and Franco always lives with us, by our side, and enlightens us on the path of impegno “.

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Forever dad “, is the today’s memory of Chiara, the appreciated group leader of the Brothers of Italy who, on the thirtieth anniversary of the death of her beloved father, shared the photo of her, little girl, wrapped in his arms. It was from him that Chiara proudly inherited her political passion and profound civic sense. A politics made of altruism, that of Franco Ercoli; a policy made up of commitment, passion and dedication. That of a man proud of his ideas; a man who knew how to put the common good above everything, starting with his professional activity as a nurse, which led him to do his best for others, without ever sparing any effort, as confirmed by the races in the country houses, “even just changing a catheter for the elderly “.

Faced with the immense love of a daughter for her father, the certainty remains that Franco Ercoli lives, and will always live, in the heart and smile of those who loved him and loved him.

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