Bitumen, steel and wood: the construction crisis inflates prices. Alarm in Ancona: “Companies at risk of collapse”

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ANCONA – The construction sector increasingly throttled by the price increases on raw materials. Construction sites at stake and businesses at risk failure. An apocalyptic scenario aggravated by the difficulty (almost impossibility) of accessing the credit assignment to the banks linked to the Superbonus 110%. In practice, companies find themselves with a tax drawer full of credits, but without liquidity and with very serious impacts. A disastrous situation that forces many companies to stop construction sites while waiting for the national government to change the bis aid decree.

Stop to construction sites

The bitumen to make tar has grown from 350 euros per ton to 650, steel from 50 cents per kilo has risen to 1.30 euros, wood from 400 euros per cubic meter to 1,300 euros. Plastic materials, such as pipes, have increased by 30%. Not to mention energy, which is essential in road construction sites because it is used to compose the bituminous conglomerate. Construction companies currently pay 70 cents per kilowatt for electricity, compared to 20 cents previously. And gas has reached 280 euros per megawatt hour, when it previously reached 30 euros. So impressive increases that in some cases even reach 200% more. «I have about three construction sites that I am trying not to start – says Fabio Fiori, owner of Fiori Costruzioni Snc and president of the Ance Ancona boarding school – because we are not in it with prices. We had made bids for commodities according to certain prices, then everything went through the roof. So we find ourselves with construction sites that must have had utility margins, and which instead now amount to 30-40% remittance ». Specifically, Fiori Costruzioni is holding three road reconstruction sites in the province of Ancona, one in Cerreto D’Esi. «Aans pushes to start the works – continues the builder – we don’t. We are at the paradox: companies that do everything they can not to start work ».

Delayed deliveries

The other problem facing the sector is the procurement of materials. “We ordered the fixtures eight months ago,” says Andrea Morbidelli, head of the commercial and public works sector for the family business Graziano Belogi Srl which, among the tasks, has several construction sites in the earthquake crater. “Unfortunately we do not know when they will be able to deliver the materials – explains the entrepreneur – consequently we do not even know when we will be able to give the houses to those who still live in the modules”.


Companies at risk

«The construction sector has come from 15 years of crisis – explains Cesare Davanzali, builder and president of the Construction Fund of Ancona – where companies had even deconstructed themselves. Then the sudden acceleration with the 110% Superbonus ». So the rush to grab jobs, and with a concentration of demand in the same period, the prices of raw materials have also risen. Along with all this, the war in Ukraine and all that followed. «If the question of credit management is not resolved – continues Davanzali – we run the risk of a total blockade by the banks. So we find ourselves with our companies that have tax credits in their stomachs, and if they fail to sell them to the bank it inevitably goes towards bankruptcy ».

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