Rome, a dream shot to chase away the crisis: who comes for Mourinho

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Rome, next stop Empoli, but first a blow to the crisis through the market: Tiago Pinto already evaluates the next blow.

Rome ghost Buster: Mourinho in Ghostbuster version to avoid the worst and fall back into the mistakes of the past. A week without points between the championship and the cup leads the Special One to have to make choices: first of all to understand who he can count on and who cannot. Injuries are a serious problem at the start of the season (and not only), so the Portuguese coach (with Wijnaldum in the infirmary, Zaniolo in the pits ed El Shaarawy still parked) uses the abacus to formulate a reliable formation. As if that weren’t enough, he also got into it Zalewski. Physical problems for him too: differentiated which, unfortunately for the Giallorossi, does not change the substance.

Mourinho awaits news from the market (LaPresse)

Some market intervention is still needed: Camara okay, but you need someone who can give those guarantees that can make you sleep soundly Special One. Tiago Pinto works, evaluates and explores. In the meantime, however, results are needed as early as Monday to Empoli: the company will still lend a hand, but it wants to see a reaction. Winning to convince it is enough some investment, for a market of nine so far.

Rome, anti-crisis blow: Mourinho awaits a new graft

We need the extra step due to force majeure: the name is already there. Davide Frattesi, that Rome knows it well and has an open account with the capital. Sassuolo midfielder, born in Fidene with As Roma in blood and destiny. He could return to play where he started and would like him too, this time as a protagonist: there was already an agreement in the summer.

The Special One ready to receive another graft (LaPresse)

After the market session, everything remained on stand-by, other priorities. Now, however, the balance is in favor of the black-green midfielder who is waiting just a call, to pick up where he left off: with the shirt ready and the suitcases closed. Only the plane ticket is missing, that will decide Tiago Pinto when to do it. Always if the Friedkins don’t decide to use the private flight. The new year will bring Solbakkenbut it might not be the only surprise for Mourinho.

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