Death of Gregnanini. “A tragedy, now clarity on why Cazzanti had a gun”

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The lawyer Simone Bianchi

“It is a tragedy and clearly no one will be able to return Mr. Gregnanini to his loved ones, we want justice to be done and now that the charge against Cazzanti will change, we ask that his position be clarified, why he had a gun available and we will participate in the investigations to ensure that everything is done in the best possible way “. It is the lawyer Simone Bianchi who speaks, it is he who assists Ambra, the person who lost has lost most of all in this affair, the very young daughter of Roberto Gregnanini, the man who died on Friday afternoon following a long convalescence after his co-worker in the Municipality, Michele Cazzanti, hit him with a gunshot to the lower abdomen last March.

On Tuesday, the deputy prosecutor Isabella Cavallari will confer the task of carrying out the autopsy on Gregnanini’s body: for his daughter, as partisan consultant, there will be the coroner Lorenzo Marinelli.

Fabio Anselmo

The comment of Fabio Anselmo, Gregnanini’s defender is laconic: “I am deeply saddened, it is a tragedy”.

The man, whose position will radically change from the criminal point of view, with the transition from attempted murder to completed murder, is detained in the Arginone prison and a probative incident is underway on him to evaluate his ability to understand and to want.

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It is no mystery that he felt persecuted and that he had been experiencing mental illness for some time. Also for this reason, the fact that he had obtained the license for the license to carry weapons for sporting use useful for holding the Glock 9 caliber used to shoot his former colleague in the Municipality – an unfortunately fatal shot on the eight exploded at very close range – is a circumstance. under the scrutiny of investigators and at the center of the questions of all the parties involved in what was immediately a tragic story.

Among them also the lawyers who assist Gregnanini’s wife (the lawyers Giorgio Bolognesi and Rossella Bighi), who are not making any statements at the moment.

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