Road safety, racing cars at night: “We’re not in Monza!”

Road safety, racing cars at night: “We’re not in Monza!”
Road safety, racing cars at night: “We’re not in Monza!”
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PIANENGO – The straight of via Roma like the Monza racetrack. A situation now out of control, as the mayor Roberto Barbaglio also admits. «The total lack of civic sense of those who drive cars and motorbikes nullifies all the initiatives we have implemented in recent years for road safety. From the slow motion bumps that also act as pedestrian crossings, to the barriers on the side of the carriageway to protect the pedestrian cycle and sidewalk, up to the traffic lights for crossing pedestrians. There are people who break the car’s oil pan in order not to slow down. Often we have to deal with the barriers torn up by vehicles that end up off the road ».

For those who live in via Roma, night rest is optional. Residents protest the crash from motorcyclists. In the summer, things obviously get worse.

«The Pianengo Grand Prix starts every evening. Motorcycles whizzing by at absurd speeds, making a hellish noise “is the outburst on social media of one of them.

«There are also those who think it best to stop and rev-gas about ten times. Hopefully, we get woken up two or three times a night. As long as we parents are interested, okay, we breathe a sigh and go back to sleep. When children wake up, the substance changes. I understand that very little can be done about it, we know that living in via Roma means dealing with traffic: it was our choice. I hope it doesn’t become a sentence ».

The road that cuts the town in two leads north to Melotta and then to Sergnano and the Bergamo area. In the opposite direction you arrive in Crema. A straight stretch for kilometers. The bikes easily overcome the bumps and those who have little respect for public peace enjoy pulling the first gears between a slow motion and the other. This elastic gait obviously produces much more noise than a constant low speed passage.

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«We make contraventions, but it is evident that the local police cannot be present 24 hours a day: it is really difficult to counteract the total lack of civic sense on the part of several people – concludes the mayor -: in via Roma in the last six years four people have died“.

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