Giada dies in the arms of her parents, from a rare disease

Giada dies in the arms of her parents, from a rare disease
Giada dies in the arms of her parents, from a rare disease
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A mourning that deeply affects two provinces, that of Padua and that of Rovigo. Giada Gallo, 45, left in the arms of her parents, at the hospice in Montagnana, where she had been hospitalized following the course of a rare disease that had struck her years ago. She leaves her husband Radames Magagna, originally from Candiana, and a 10-year-old daughter, Caterina. The newspaper reports it The Morning of Padua.

“Our Giada was sunny – father Mario and mother Ivana remember her with sweetness and great strength of mind – She always had a smile for everyone. We immediately found the testimony of how much she was loved and well-liked by the many messages of affection we have received in these last hours.. Everyone will miss him. “

Professional nurse, Giada was a well-known face of the Schiavonia hospital, in particular of the wards of Otolaryngology first, of Radiology then. Until late last year, despite her degenerative illness, when her care gave her respite, she always returned to her beloved profession of hers.

Growing up in Due Carrare, she moved to the town with her family about fifteen years ago. With her husband she then went to live in Tribano until three years ago when they chose the town of San Martino di Venezze. In this way she could be closer to the parents who have always helped her, even in the care of the child.

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“Five years ago, after a long wandering in many hospitals, Giada – the parents still say – was diagnosed with a rare disease, Castleman’s disease, hidden among other things by Poems Syndrome. We can only thank Dr. Renato. Bressan, hematologist at the Dell’Angelo hospital in Mestre who, alone, wanted to deepen the clinical picture of our daughter and treat her for years. In January of this year, then, Giada contracted Covid and immediately after she was hit by a heart attack and ischemia “.

After a long rehabilitation in Conselve, Giada had recovered anyway, with the disease that seemed to have given him a break which however lasted very little. In fact, she came back more invasive than ever until she took her to Montagnana, where she was lovingly accompanied to the last breath.

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