the nightmare bills push up the prices of the Fermano bakers

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STOPPED – It costs everything more, bills and raw materials pulp the companies and even the final product, like a simple row of bread, is affected. The high bills alarm all companies and the bakery sector is no exception. Rises in bursts, those that bakeries and bakeries have been facing since last year.

One increase after another that in the long run also weighs on the cost for the final consumer. “We decided to grit our teeth and not touch the prices until two months ago, then a small increase was inevitable”, explains Paolo Totò, owner of Forneria Totò in Sant’Elpidio a Mare, a company with almost 60 years of history .
The trend
«Utilities – he continues – have increased exponentially and continue to grow, the same is true for all raw materials, starting with flour, despite our policy is to use exclusively Italian grains. In these conditions it is really hard to continue. We have not made any cuts on employees, reductions were made two years ago during the lockdown period. In reality at this stage it is difficult to find him, the staff ». The critical moment spares no one. «I was talking a few days ago with colleagues who manage confectionery companies in Ischia – continues Paolo Totò -: despite being a highly tourist area, they intend to reduce production or close at certain times to limit costs. I think we need to intervene urgently, starting with the cut in VAT on bills ». For his part, Stefano Cencetti, managing director of the Antico Forno Anteni in Porto San Giorgio, rattles off with precision the extent of the price increases. “Not only bills are skyrocketing, but raw materials too. Since January of this year we have been paying 53% more on electricity and 48% more on gas. But flour, which is the main product in our field, also increased by 65%. An increase that in part I struggle to explain, given that we only use certified Italian flours, so the conflict in Ukraine, one of the first wheat producers in the world, is relatively important ».
The strategy
Faced with the soaring costs, the Sangiorgese company made modest price adjustments. «At the beginning of 2022 we applied an increase between 10 and 15% but exclusively on products that depend on the use of flour, therefore bread and derivatives. Since then the figures have remained the same, the difficulties are increasing, but bread cannot become a luxury item ». No cuts, however, on the staff. “We have 20 employees, the reduction in human resources would be only an extreme solution that we do not intend to adopt, because putting a family in difficulty in such a delicate moment is certainly not a decision to be taken with a light heart”.
According to Cencetti, “incisive measures are needed right away and we need to work for that energy autonomy that politics has been talking about for years. Something can also be done at the local level: Porto San Giorgio, for example, has an investee company in the energy branch that last year had a profit of 400 thousand euros, given the extraordinary nature of the moment, support measures would be needed for families and businesses “. The moment is so difficult that many are asking for commitments not only at the government level but also from local authorities. Families and businesses need maximum support.

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