Sassari, skyrocketing pellet prices, the map of the cheapest shops

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The cheaper shops where to buy pellets in Sassari.

The purchase of the pellets stirs the citizens’ dreams of Sassari. The warmth summer makes the cold seem far away winter, but in less than two weeks, calendar in hand, autumn will begin. And with it the inevitable rainsprelude to a winter which, according to climatologists, will be rather cold.

Meanwhile, prices skyrocket. The cheapest, at least so far, is to be found from All dayswith a lot of 15 kilos which costs “just” 8.90 euros. A few cents more, however, to the Carrefour and Eurospinwhere the sack comes to cost 8.99 euros. Much higher, however, the price to Bricoman where you swing from € 9.45 ai 11.95 euros.

Between the serious and the facetious there are also those who, in their own way, propose to make do. “Maybe the young people don’t know but 50 years agowhen it was really cold, with a simple charcoal brazier you warmed the house. Now there is no more need for no heating. You just need to know how to adapt, ”says an elder.

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