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Also for these first days of September 2022, through a promotional code available directly online, the electricity and gas supplier Sorgenia lets get one monthly discount on some of its contracts, in particular those consisting of electricity, gas and any fixed fiber network.

As told by MondoMobileWeb, on June 27, 2022 the code was launched “SEQUOIA”valid to get a monthly discount on a contract Single Fuel (Light or Gas), Single Fuel + Fiber (Light or Gas plus Fiber), Dual Fuel (Light plus Gas) o Trial Fuel (Light plus Gas plus Fiber).

With this promotion, initially valid until July 17, 2022, but then extended several times, those who signed one of these Sorgenia contracts could obtain a monthly discount for each supply subscribed.

The discount in question was equal to a total of 50 euros and was spread over 12 months (approximately 4.16 euros per month), starting from the month of activation of each supply.

Starting from 1 September 2022, again for the same contracts, Sorgenia is proposing instead another promotional codethis time represented by the word “WIND”.

With this new initiative, valid until 12 September 2022 subject to any changes, the total discount for each supply is 25 eurosbut it comes anyway paid in installments over 12 months (approximately € 2.08 per month) starting from the month of activation.

How this Sorgenia promo works in detail

During the contract signing process (here is the direct link)if the code is not automatically applied by Sorgenia in the aforementioned field, the customer who intends to take advantage of the promo must enter the word “WIND” within the appropriate field named “Friend Code”.

In the event that the customer should withdraw from the contract before the total value of the discount has run out, the prize will be deemed to have been awarded and the customer will not be entitled to any other benefit.

It is also specified that the discount it cannot be combined with other promotions: in the case of several simultaneous promotions that require the insertion of a friend code, using the discount linked to the code “WIND”the customer can only participate in this promotion.

In this regard, Sorgenia emphasizes that the promo, therefore, cannot be combined not even with the Bring a Friend program.

They are reported below overall discounts obtainable with the new promotional codewhich vary according to the contract you choose to activate:

  • Single Fuel Contract with 25 euros discount overall in the bill;
  • Single Fuel + Fiber Contract with 50 euros discount total in the bill (25 euros for each supply);
  • Dual Fuel Contract with 50 euros discount total in the bill (25 euros for each supply);
  • Trial Fuel Agreement with 75 euros discount total in the bill (25 euros for each supply).

The fixed network with Next Fiber

As regards the fixed network in particular, Sorgenia is still proposing the offer now Next Fibercan be activated only in conjunction with a supply of electricity or gas (or both).

As before, Sorgenia Next Fiber includes unlimited connection in FTTC or FTTH, a modem on loan for free use and the service Beyond Energy monitoring and disaggregation of energy consumption (in the event that a lighting contract is active).

Starting from April 2022, the standard cost of the offer is € 29.90 per month. Those who sign (or already own) a contract both of Light and of Gasthey still get one discount of 6 euros per monthbringing the price to 23.90 euros per month.

Alternatively, if the customer subscribes to or already owns only one service to choose between Light and Gashe can get one anyway discount of 3 euros per monthactivating the offer a € 26.90 per month.

Considering also the additional discount with the code “WIND POWER “currently Sorgenia Next Fiber can be activated with a minimum price of approximately € 21.82 per month for the first 12 months. In any case, the payment of invoices requires direct debit on a current account or credit card.


Activation cost and other info on the Sorgenia offer

With Sorgenia Next Fiber, the activation fee is equal to 120 euros and is paid in installments in 24 monthly installments of 5 euros each. If the offer remains active for at least 24 months this amount comes cleared thanks to one discount of 5 euros per month (valid in the first 24 months).

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In case of withdrawal from the line, customers must bear a decommissioning cost of € 29.90. Also, in case of suspension of the line for arrearsthe operator reserves the right to charge a one-off contribution of 5 euros.

As for the Wi-Fi modem, the models are listed on the official website of Sorgenia FRITZ! Box 7530, Technicolor Gazelle And Technicolor Access Gatewayas well as a generic “Open Fiber modem”.

In any case, in line with the resolution on the free modem, customers can still use a alternative modemto be configured with the parameters indicated on the operator’s website.

As indicated in the tariff transparency documents, it is also possible to add one or more to the Sorgenia Next Fiber offer Fritz Repeater 1200payable in 24 monthly installments of 3 euros each charged to the contract invoice.

Top speeds and free coupon

As before, Sorgenia Next Fiber is available both on the network Open Fiber (in FTTH Fiber) and on the network Fastweb (in FTTH, FTTC EVDSL and FTTC VDSL).

On the Open Fiber network, the maximum browsing speed is equal to 1000 Mbps in download and 300 Mbps in uploadexclusively in FTTH Fiber technology.

With the Fastweb network, customers can reach up to 2.5 Gbps in download and 300 Mbps in upload with FTTH technology, up to 200 Mbps in download and 20 Mbps in upload with FTTC EVDSL technology and up to 100 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload with FTTC VDSL technology.

Even now and until January 31, 2023, subject to changes, by subscribing to this offer you will also receive the voucher Welcome Gift Fiberdelivered within a period of 180 days from the grant date.

It is a voucher that allows you to obtain a free prize among those available in the catalog. Based on the number of fiber contracts signed, it is possible to choose a variable number of rewards, each of which can have a maximum value of 100 euros.

Update 10 September 2022

In these hours Sorgenia has decided to extend the promotion for an additional week. In this way, the discount code “WIND POWER”Is now available until today September 19, 2022subject to further changes.

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