The Festival of Festivals is starting. “Today we leave to return to being 42” (video)

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There is a great desire to look to the future, in the inauguration ceremony of the Festival delle Sagre 2022 that took place a little while ago in Piazza Alfieri among the 13 houses of the pro loco who wanted to return to the historic event in Asti.

Among all the defendants there is the conviction of how this year must be the edition of the rebirth, but the road, still long, must lead to the return of the large village of Piazza Campo del Palio.

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Photo galleryInauguration of the Festival of Festivals 2022

“We thank the thirteen pro loco present today in the square – said the mayor Maurizio Rasero – being there today was neither easy nor obvious. They are our thirteen champions who will allow us to return, hopefully next year, to the glories of the past ”.

“The Chamber of Commerce – explains Vice President Renato Goria – has confirmed, despite all its efforts, the great commitment to this event. We are happy to be back and we hope to experience the great village of Piazza Campo del Palio next year ”.


“Do not talk about festivals in a minor tone – says Mario Sacco, president of the Cassa di Risparmio di Asti Foundation – the pro loco are there and will do everything they have done in the past years: tomorrow we will also relive the great historical parade with the paintings of life farmer of our grandparents “.

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Fabrizio Ricciardi, president of Unpli Piemonte also spoke of great effort: “In these years of pandemic the pro loco have suffered from great loneliness, thanks to the Festival delle Sagre the machine of these formidable associations gets back into motion”.

The Prefect, Claudio Ventrice, finished the protocol part by wishing everyone to live a party in safety and harmony.

After the ribbon was cut, the pro loco started distributing the dishes. And while the scent of traditional recipes expands in the air of Piazza Alfieri, everyone’s wish is to return again, and again, to being the largest open-air restaurant in Italy.

Inauguration of the Festival of Festivals 2022Inauguration of the Festival of Festivals 2022Inauguration of the Festival of Festivals 2022

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