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It does not happen often, especially in the sports world in general and football in particular, what happened in Bologna and which has the flavor of a sweet fairy tale. Sinisa Mihajlovich was, let’s say, sacked by the Bologna football club because the five results at the beginning of the championship were not satisfactory with three draws and two defeats. But the Serbian warrior has made himself loved so much by his players, by the fans and by those who have followed and known him for a long time. He is a serious and straightforward person. He believes in his work and does it with passion. Sinisa, despite suffering from myelodic leukemia, has continued to coach Bologna in recent years. What happened then happens and why was this sad thing not done in the summer? Why deceive a warrior and then take away his combat weapons? But the sweet thing comes, the moral lesson that warms the heart and confirms that yes, true friends exist. Roberto De Zerbi former coach of Sassuolo and Shakhtark is called to replace Sinisa, but Sinisa is his friend and he says no. He says he would only replace him if Sinisa resigned from him.

This was not the case and De Zerbi, saying no, took us further. A friend thinks about being a friend and not about the money he will lose by not accepting. True friendship is reserved, it does not ask, it is there but it is there. And if we think about it, that’s it – it often feels more embarrassing to ask for help from a friend than from a stranger, almost as if the friend alone should understand and intervene. And so it was between De Zerbi and Sinisa. Someone can say that it is okay but they are rich, I would have liked to see if they had been poor. And I answer that money has nothing to do with it when you love each other. Two hearts and a hut are not enough but it is so beautiful what it feels to know that you are never alone and that in two you do what you could not do in one. Bravo Roberto I admire you and I know that you gave your friend a shot of life who in all the disappointment he knew that his friend will not go in his place and I do not think like Sconcerti who said that you were wrong by treating him sick. You were just a man man who loves a friend so much. Thanks on behalf of all those who believe in true friendship and which becomes increasingly rare .. Sandra

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