Meditating on the Word – Where are you?

Meditating on the Word – Where are you?
Meditating on the Word – Where are you?
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The commentary on Sunday 11 September 2022 by Sister Maria Chiara of the Cottolenghino Monastery “Adorers of the Precious Blood of Jesus”

The Word of God that is proposed to us on this Sunday is particularly rich and engaging. In all the readings it is evident that our God, the one that Jesus makes us know, is a God he sees, and not in a detached way. God looks, listens, takes charge, loves. God who knows the number of the stars and calls each by name does not forget a lost sheep.

“The idols of the peoples have mouths and do not speak, they have eyes and do not see …” (Ps 114), instead God seeks us, despite our sin: “when he was still far away, his father saw him, had compassion, ran to meet him , she flung herself on his neck and kissed him “(Lk 15).

The first word that God addresses to man after original sin is “Where are you?” (Gn 3,9), and how many times throughout the Scriptures do we read of this desire of God to meet us: “The Lord looked down from the top of his sanctuary, from heaven he looked at the earth, to hear the cry of the prisoner to free those condemned to death “(Ps 101).

The man who prays feels that he is the object of this particular attention and this gaze of predilection, despite the sufferings of life: “You have counted the steps of my wandering, you collect my tears in your skin; are they not written in your book ”(Ps 55). Nothing of what we live is useless, everything is present in his eyes.

And even when we do evil like the Israelites at the foot of Mount Zion, the Father sees us. In the first reading, with Moses the Lord says: “I have observed this people: behold, they are a people with a hard neck” … as if to say: “They do not understand my love”.

The Gospel offers us the parable of the lost sheep, the lost drachma and the merciful Father who very clearly speaks to us of this attitude. God never leaves us. We cannot even think that sin or rejection will distance us from him. Ps 138 explains it to us: “Where to go far from your spirit, where to escape from your presence? If I go up to heaven, you are there, if I go down to hell, there you are. If I take the wings of the dawn to live at the edge of the sea, there too your hand guides me and grasps me your right hand. If I say: “At least the darkness covers me and there is night around me”; not even darkness is dark to you, and the night is as clear as day; for you the darkness is like light ”.

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And U.S?

If nothing in the world can separate us from the love of God who created us and cares for us, no one is born by chance, is alone, unfortunate or abandoned. Each of us is loved in a special and unique way, at least by God the Father. Saint Paul in a passage from the letter to the Romans writes: «Who will separate us then from the love of Christ? Perhaps the tribulation, the anguish, the persecution, the hunger, the nakedness, the danger, the sword?… But in all these things we are more than victors by virtue of him who loved us. I am in fact persuaded that neither death nor life, neither angels nor principalities, … nor any other creature will ever be able to separate us from the love of God, in Christ Jesus, our Lord ».

It’s true! God, in Christ, loved us and loves us… then everything changes!

READINGS: Ex 32.7-11.13-14; Sal 50; 1 Tim 11: 12-17; Lk 15: 1-32

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