Flames in Serramanna, helicopter in flight

Flames in Serramanna, helicopter in flight
Flames in Serramanna, helicopter in flight
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Large fire in the countryside in the municipality of Serramanna, with the flames burning in the locality of “Santa Maria di Monserrato”. The stake, still active, is affecting a reforestation of Eucalyptus, vegetation And agricultural areas close to the country church of Santa Maria di Montserrat. Reached by the flames also several rural houses.

The strong wind pushed the flames along a stream, with a reed bed gone up in smoke. There was a lot of damage in the countryside.

The shutdown operations, coordinated by the Forest Rangers from Sanlurithey also engaged helicopters from the CFVA operational bases of Villasalto, Marganai and Pula and a canadair from Olbia. A team from the Forestas agency from the Villacidro construction site, 2 teams from the volunteer associations Monastir Santa Lucia and AVAD Decimoputzu took part.

In the afternoon, again in Serramanna, a fire in the “San Giorgio” areawhose shutdown was coordinated by the staff of the Sanluri forestry station, assisted by the staff on board the helicopter from the CFVA operating base in Villasalto, affected an area of ​​about 5 hectares of uncultivated land.

Are also three more fires that today they requested the intervention of air vehicles. The first was in Bottida, where two helicopters from the operating bases of Anela and Farcana and a canadair intervened this morning. The fire broke out near the Nuraghe Larattu.


Flames also in Decimoputzu, in Campus de Monte Idda, where a helicopter from the operational base of Marganai intervened.

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