Super Italy, in the final at the Volleyball World Cup: Slovenia beaten 3-0

Super Italy, in the final at the Volleyball World Cup: Slovenia beaten 3-0
Super Italy, in the final at the Volleyball World Cup: Slovenia beaten 3-0
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FROM THE ENROLLMENT TO KATOWICE (POLAND). Youth Italy is in the final. The world title will be played against Poland, in a challenge that will be above all a celebration in a nation where volleyball is everyone’s sport. Azzurri are now on the loose, able to keep the bar straight even against Slovenia, the team that a year ago tried, unsuccessfully, to get in the way between Fefè De Giorgi’s boys and the European triumph right here in Katowice. Dry the 3-0 that gives the challenge for the world title to the Azzurri who in twelve months have put our volleyball back on its feet, which came out with bruised bones from the Tokyo Olympics.

Slovenia starts strong and scores the first point of the match. It is Giannelli who immediately puts the match in a draw and goes to serve, putting the Slovenian reception in difficulty: implacable Michieletto closes the diagonal and repeats himself immediately after. In the next two attacks the Slovenian greens put out and Italy recorded the maximum advantage (5-1). Time out Slovenia and again for captain Giannelli: first a block from Michieletto, then a stab from Lavia lead the Azzurri to 7-1. Only a mistake in Giannelli’s service grants something to the Slovenians who then with Cebulj get back on their feet thanks to a challenge in their favor (7-4). Italy begins to make some mistakes, allowing the opponents to get under more than they should (8-7). Necessary to rearrange the ideas, De Giorgi calls the time out. They try to stretch the Azzurri but it is Tine Urnaut who keeps the set open. An ace from Romanò (11-8) is not enough to take off, it is up to Galassi to close from the center after a very long exchange (13-10), only to frustrate everything with a wrong serve. Another challenge assigns a point to Slovenia which is worth a lot (13-12). It is time to bring out the experience and who better than Simone Anzani can do it: two winning tackles at the net bring the Azzurri back up by three (15-12). But nothing, the Slovenians are always there. For once the challenge proves Italy right, Lavia immediately pulls out one of his cutting shots and brings the lead back to four lengths (17-13). Michieletto makes a mistake, Anzani remedies and Romanò follows. At 19-14 the time out is called this time by Slovenia. Michieletto improvises himself as a setter and Romanò serves the possibility of an impeccable long line: 20-14 and more 6 for the Azzurri. Cebulj’s turn to serve, thanks to some blue smears, allows the Slovenians to regain courage (20-17). De Giorgi stops the bowls, then starts again and Lavia first makes a masterpiece, then misses the serve (22-19). He is up to the captain with a second ball to kiss to bring Italy back by four. An ace from Urnaut scares a bit, then the Azzurri recover and close the set 25-21 (27 ‘) on a Slovenian infringement.

In the second fraction first point for the blues with a wall by Michieletto. Again he, the terrible left-handed of Italian volleyball, puts the 2-0 on the ground. Just a mistake by Michieletto reopens the games a bit (3-2). At 3-3 a flash of Lavia brings Italy forward. It is not enough because on the other side there are always Urnaut, Cebulj and above all Ropret (7-6). Romanò resumes but also Mozic (8-7). Michieletto puts his left, then the Azzurri make a mistake in the net and in the following long exchange Cebulj finds an opening and a draw (9-9). Balaso is the protagonist of this phase of the competition, canceling at least a couple of blows by the Slovenians without fail. New mistake by Michieletto (11-11), then Lavia and an astute line by Anzani bring the Azzurri back up by two (13-11). Urnaut rekindles the lamp on the bedside table which, immediately after, turns off Galassi (14-12). It is not enough for Balaso to go free and so he distributes a golden ball to Lavia who puts her along the line where the Slovenians do not get there (15-12). Mozic tries and succeeds but even better he succeeds in Galassi (16-13). Cebulj and Pajenk show off grit and strength (16-15), Romanò responds with the same qualities, Galassi on the other hand is wrong as well as Cebulj immediately after serving (18-16). Diagonal outside Urnaut and three more from Italy (19-16). Cebulj again, then a crush from Michieletto and a stab from Pajenk are the prelude to a conclusion by Lavia (21-18). The blue wall yields when Cebulj is in the way, then Pajenk misses the serve (22-19). Balaso works overtime by recovering impossible balls, allowing Lavia to finish diagonally from the second line (23-19). Romanò earns four set balls but Slovenia is not there (24-22) and De Giorgi calls the time out. He recovers and the Azzurri close it: 25-22 in 27 ‘.

The third set opens with two mistakes by Cebulj and Italy immediately ahead (3-0). Anzani relentless on the wall even if it takes the challenge to deliver the most four to the Azzurri (4-0). Cebulj also misses a long line (5-0) and Cretu takes refuge in time out to give him four. Urnaut comes back and Cebulj also starts immediately after (6-3). Romanò sweeps the line with painstaking precision but on Anzani’s serve the Slovenians respond and conclude better (7-4). Another Cebulj razor keeps the greens afloat (8-5), indeed pushes them towards the waterline, only to miss the service (10-8). Giannelli’s turn at bat is a guarantee (13-10), the Slovenians shuffle the cards a bit to see how it goes. It goes that Lavia nails her to the ground at the right time (14-10). Italy always two above, time out De Giorgi (14-12) to find the square. A few mistakes by the Azzurri give breath to the Slovenian greens, up to a challenge in favor of Italy (16-13). The Slovenians, however, do not give up: Cebulj wall on Lavia, then again a blue memory gap and the draw is served (16-16). Time out Italy. A challenge on a conclusion by Urnaut brings back the blues and another still the Slovenians in a tie (17-17) but Giannelli protests a lot for the questionable interpretation of slow motion on the pitch. Kozamernik’s serve is wrong, then Romanò attacks on the line as only he knows how to do (19-17). Time out Slovenia, he recovers and Michieletto crushes away from enemy radar (20-17). Three lengths that remain there to nail the set (23-20), despite the flashes of the Slovenians. Lavia crushes her on the wall and there are four match balls for Italy. One of the Slovenians cancel it, but the curtain falls for them immediately after: 25-21 in 31 ‘.

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Italy in the final against hostess Poland. There will be history to write.

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