Allegri and Juve cut off live: “Absurd, a 10-year-old child understands it”

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Juventus continues to collect criticism after criticism, even very harsh: harsh words live on the Juventus market

The game of Juventus continues to be at the center of the controversy at this start of the season in A league. The bianconeri have attracted criticism from all sides, insiders and fans. Some flashes were seen on the night of Paris, with the first timid compliments to the team of Merry.

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But today the same Tuscan coach at the press conference thundered like this: “I don’t like that after Tuesday we have also become nice. That’s no good, I’m very angry. We must be unpleasant, because it means that we win. Otherwise we get used to being nice, pretty and losers ”. A message already launched recently, but on which the technician of the Juventus is back in a swing way. Then the Juventus coach underlined the absences of Pogba, Of Maria And Church or two of the most important purchases of a summer that has seen Cherubs great protagonist. But despite the high-level session on paper, there are those who just did not swallow it and indeed it is very hard.

Pea: “Juve made me sick. And Allegri no longer wants to train “

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The journalist Claudio spoke at ‘Radio Amore Campania’ Pea he did not send them to say: “The Juventus has me nauseated, made an absurd buying campaign. But do you train? Does it run? Merry I don’t think he still wants to train. Even my 10-year-old nephew understands that the first footballer you have to change Alex Sandro. Then you take broken players who earn millions of dollars, absurd. And de Ligt go away!”


On the contrary Leonardo Bonucci, net of some errors, he can act as a guide for the spirit on the field: “He is someone who at least gives the charge, despite being his age and with ailments. He has the spirit Juventus who is no longer in this team. It is a team that will do fatigue to finish fifth, other than the championship. And then we lost Marotta, one good at taking players “. Then we also think about some other involvement in the management and we talked again about Joints: “I do not confirm this indiscretion. Society has fossilized on Nedved, what time ago he broke up with Merry. There Juventus it had to be done with young people, instead the insecure second hand was taken. Pogba it’s been broken for years and you can’t take Milik instead of Dybala “.

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