Canotto confirms the amaranths at the top of the championship

Canotto confirms the amaranths at the top of the championship
Canotto confirms the amaranths at the top of the championship
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Reggina does not stop and hits the third consecutive victory, the second away from Ferrara. The amaranths are cynical and ruthless to the suspicion of an opponent in difficulty and unable to break through the excellent defensive phase set up by SuperPippo Inzaghi. With just one match from the first stop of the tournament, Reggina remains at the top of the standings.

Glacial dinghy, Reggina does not risk

A race that has balance as its main theme, teams very careful not to discover each other. At 6 ‘, however, greedy goal ball for Inzaghi’s boys: great play by Majer, who jumps two men in dribbling, from the back he puts in the center for the insertion of the usual Fabbian, Nicolas saves everything and takes refuge in the corner!

At 13 ‘the only pseudo goal ball of Pisa. Cross from the right of Morutan, Ionita in the center anticipates Pierozzi and turns her head, but misses the impact with the ball, which goes off to the side.

Reggina gradually took the field and courage, as well as closing the spaces to the offensive initiatives of the Tuscans. And at 27 ‘comes the goal of the advantage: Menez’s extraordinary throw from 50 meters, ball on Canotto’s feet, who runs away behind Beruatto, then the amaranth 31 beats Nicolas out, amaranth ahead!

Before the break, Reggina would have the perfect opportunity to double: another wonderful launch by Menez for Rivas, who goes away from the left to the center, jumps Rus and Tourè then kicks badly with the right, a few steps from the goal.

Pisa attacks without a construct, Reggina does not risk

The recovery opens with an episode from VAR. Masucci had scored, the linesman had canceled for offside, but he wasn’t there. The VAR instead pointed out to the referee that there was a foul on Camporese by Masucci. Danger escaped for the defense of Inzaghi.

The theme of the race will not change for the whole fraction, with Pisa attacking, but without big ideas and the amaranths who prefer to be cautious and then try to restart.

At 56 ‘, however, the guests almost doubled. On the development of a placed, Canotto from the bottom puts strong in the center, Ionita deflects the ball in fact towards the mirror, Nicolas avoids the own goal and smanaccia a few steps from the goal line!

At 64 ‘, right around Tramoni, Colombi rejects with an open hand and saves everything.

In the final minutes, Cicerelli clears the left and wins the penalty, thwarted by the VAR signal of an offside. Final assault by the Nerazzurri, but the defense and Colombi do not capitulate.

Reggina party under the guest curve, Inzaghi remains at the top of the Serie B championship standings: unthinkable just a few weeks ago.

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Scoreboard and grades

PISA-REGGINA 0-1 (27 ‘Row)

PISA (4-3-3): Nicolas 6; Calabresi 5, Barba 5, Rus 5 (45 ‘Masucci 5; 65’ Cissè 5), Beruatto 5 (65 ‘Jureskin sv); Marin 5, Ionita 5, Tourè 5.5 (76 ‘Mastinu 5); M. Tramoni 6, Sibilli 5.5, Morutan 5 (87 ‘Tramoni L. sv). available: Dekic, Livieri, Canestrelli, Hermansson, Nagy, Piccinini. Trainer: Maran 5

REGGINA (4-3-3): Colombi 6; Pierozzi 6, Camporese 6.5, Gagliolo 6.5, Di Chiara 5.5 (68 ‘Giraudo 6); Fabbian 6, Crisetig 6, Majer 7 (73 ‘Liotti sv); Row 7 (81 ‘Ricci sv), Ménez 6.5 (68’ Gori sv), Rivas 6.5 (68 ‘Cicerelli sv). available: Ravaglia, Bouah, Dutu, Loiacono, Hernani, Lombardi, Santander. Trainer: Inzaghi 6.5

referee: Serra of Turin assistants: Ranghetti – Vivenzi IV man: Crezzini

VAR: Fourneau AVAR: Perenzoni

warn you: Masucci, Barba, Mastinu (P), Colombi (R)

expelled: –

Note, corner: 7-2; recovery: 1 ‘pt, 7’ st

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