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Arenzano what a blow, beaten the Imperia

Arenzano what a blow, beaten the Imperia
Arenzano what a blow, beaten the Imperia
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After the draw against Athletic Albaro, Arenzano wins against Imperia at home 3-2 in advance of the second day of Excellence. The Rossoneri take the whole stakes against a team just relegated from Serie D that had started its championship with a clear 5-1 over Taggia.

The race starts immediately at a high pace and it is the guests who take the lead with Cernaz who is ready on Melandri’s assist. The draw, however, comes shortly after, it is 20 ‘when a player from the Imperia hits the ball from his hand into the area, for the referee it is a penalty that Baroni transforms. The hosts, however, do not stop there and at 31 ‘Galleri makes it 2-1, bagging the advantage.

In the second half the Imperia got off to a better start and in the 54th minute found the equalizer thanks to Guida and his header on the development of a corner. Now the guests believe it but the cold shower arrives in the 72nd minute when the second penalty is whistled for Arenzano, this time it is Galleri who shows up from the spot and makes no mistake. In the final another great opportunity for Arenzano with Damonte, but no more goals come.


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