The presentation. First at home behind closed doors for amaranths

The presentation. First at home behind closed doors for amaranths
The presentation. First at home behind closed doors for amaranths
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Livorno – A decidedly anomalous internal debut in Serie D for Livorno which on Sunday 11 September, after the great success of Civita Castellana, hosts Sangiovannese. But due to the decision of the sports judge relating to the final in Pomezia last season he will have to do it behind closed doors. The penalty actually had to be served in the Italian Cup (always the opponent of the Valdarno) but the postponement of this last match forced the Amaranth to reluctantly give up his fans for the first home game of this Serie D 2022/23.

Livorno comes to the appointment with a full morale after the great victory against Flaminia and, above all, with a few more arrows in their bow. In attack, in fact, Mr. Collacchioni recovers, at least partially, Daniele Vantaggiato and Giacomo Rossi. And it’s not cheap. Torromino still out while Rodriguez, who last week played gritting his teeth, should remain out. Attention also to the latest arrival Lo Faso who despite having just arrived, could still be of the game.

The opponent on duty is among the most famous in the group. The Sangiovannese, in fact, boasts over dozens of seasons among professionals with the peak reached in 2006 when the biancazzurri played a historic promotion to Serie B at the playoffs, yielding, without ever losing, in the double semifinal with Frosinone. In recent seasons Sangio has not collected exciting results keeping the category quite easily but without ever fighting concretely in the top positions. This year, however, the story could be different as evidenced by the great success achieved on the first day against the Host. A clear 3-1 comeback signed by Miccoli, Bellini and Milani.

The whistle starts on Sunday at 3 pm. Small referee of Pordenone. Due to the closed doors the race will not be held at the “Picchi” but at the “Magnozzi” in the Sorgenti district. The embrace with the fans and the city in the new category is only postponed, the one with another three points instead is to be grasped on the fly.

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