Video Goal Highlights Sampdoria 1-2 AC Milan: summary 10-09-2022

Video Goal Highlights Sampdoria 1-2 AC Milan: summary 10-09-2022
Video Goal Highlights Sampdoria 1-2 AC Milan: summary 10-09-2022
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Video Goals and Highlights Sampdoria-Milan 1-2: the Rossoneri win the first away match of the season, but suffer a lot also and above all for a second half played with the man less for Leao’s dismissal.

Messias scores immediately, but Milan fails to close it and suffers a Dorian equalizer from Djuricic. Halfway through the second half, however, Giroud gets and converts a penalty awarded by Fabbri for Villar’s hand ball.

The Rossoneri engage Napoli at the top with 14 points and next Sunday at the “San Siro” the direct clash between the two will take place. Will Milan manage not to suffer from Leao’s absence?

The summary of Sampdoria-Milan 1-2

Initially i rossoneri set the match on the counterattack and the second of the evening, already at the 6th, is the good one: Leaoimmediately irrepressible, puts the arrow taking with him two opponents, exchanges with De Ketelaere and download for Messiaswhich concludes not perfectly managing, however, to pierce a not blameless Audero from a few meters.

Subsequently the Milan seems to relax too much and there Sampdoria tries to raise the center of gravity by getting a couple of corners and, above all, going close to 1-1 at 11th with Djuricicwhich captures the top of the crossbar with a great shot from outside the box.

At the 21st the Milan double with De Ketelaerewhich dominates Audero and scores with a header on a cross by Leaobut the VAR (already intervened on the first goal), returns to action and, after long minutes of consultation, Blacksmiths cancel for a return offside of Giroud at the beginning of the action.

After a settling phase, the Milan becomes dangerous again at the 42nd: Pobega sets in motion on the wing Hernandezwho finds the compatriot in the area Giroud ready for the first intention joke on which Audero he is very good at intervening.

With this episode ends the first half, which is extended by only three minutes despite the VAR it took five to find the offside on the second goal.

The recovery for the Milanwhich loses at the 47th Leaopunished with a second yellow card and sent off for dangerous play against Ferrarishot in the face in an attempted overturning by the Portuguese.

Reassured and confident, as well as with the extra man, the Sampdoria finds the draw at 57th: Djuricic overhangs Maignannot flawless in the output, and puts on the net the cross of Augello from the left wing. The VAR intervenes again, but does not report offside or foul and the goal is regular.

THE rossoneri they are not there, they touch the 2-1 with a bolide from outside the area of Hernandez deflected for a corner daa Audero and, right from the corner, a penalty arrives: Giroud hits his head and touches the post, but there is a deviation with the hand of Villar and the VARgreat protagonist, signals that we must go to the disk.

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The attempt at transformation is entrusted to the tip transalpinewho scores by finishing with power and without angular too much.

In the 87th minute Milan saved themselves three times in a single action: first Maignan deflects a diagonal of Gabbiadini, Verre he hits the post trying to reiterate the goal and, finally, the goalkeeper is still very good at thwarting the shot of the home number 23 head on.

After a shot attempted by Gabbiadini and finished shortly, the race stops offering emotions and is channeled towards the end, between nervousness and waste of time. Nothing to say during the seven minutes of recovery.

Highlights and Video Goals of Sampdoria-Milan 1-2

The scoreboard of Sampdoria-Milan 1-2

Sampdoria (4-1-4-1): Audero; Bereszynski (60 ′ Gabbiadini), Murillo, Ferrari, Augello; Villar (86 ′ Vieira); Leris, Rincon, Sabiri, Djuricic (79 ‘Verre); Caputo (79 ‘Quagliarella). Trainer: Giampaolo

Milan (4-2-3-1): Maignan; Calabria, Kjaer, Kalulu, Hernandez; Pobega (78 ‘Vranckx), Tonali; Messias (60 ‘Tomori), De Ketelaere (71’ Bennacer), Leao; Giroud. Trainer: Pegs

Markers: 6 ′ Messias, 57 ′ Djuricic and 67 ′ rig. Giroud

Referee: Blacksmiths

Ammonites: Leao, Ferrari, Villar, Quagliarella, Augello and Leris

Expelled: 47 ′ Leao

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