Festa del Fatto, Scarpinato (M5s): “Fascism and Mafia normalize. It is a dramatic situation. The Constitution today is a Maginot line”

Festa del Fatto, Scarpinato (M5s): “Fascism and Mafia normalize. It is a dramatic situation. The Constitution today is a Maginot line”
Festa del Fatto, Scarpinato (M5s): “Fascism and Mafia normalize. It is a dramatic situation. The Constitution today is a Maginot line”
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A “Dramatic situation”. In other words: “Normalization of fascism and of mafia”. And again: “They also want to take a piece of bread from the poor”. For this, he says Roberto Scarpinatoformer attorney general of Palermo now retired, has decided to run for the Policies accepting the proposal of M5s to run as leaders in the plurinominal college al Senate in Sicily. “I intend to do with other means and in other places to do what I did as a citizen and magistrate: defend the law”, he explains during the meeting “The restoration 30 years after the massacres”interviewed by Gianni Barbacetto And Giuseppe Pipitone on the stage of the Feast of the daily Fact.

“We are in a dramatic situation, so I accepted. I didn’t think we would come to normalize fascism and the mafia. Fratelli d’Italia has among its noble fathers Pino Rautideclared fascist and among the animators of New Order. And, as if that weren’t enough, Fdi dedicated a conference to a Gianadelio Maletticonvicted of misdirection in the massacre of piazza Fontana “, Scarpinato recalled. The former attorney general of Palermo then underlined how in Sicily, as happened to the municipal offices of Palermo with Roberto Lagallathe nominations “are chosen by Marcello Dell’Utri and Totò Cuffaro “, both convicted of mafia-related crimes. Come on Paolo Borsellino, inserted in the pantheon of Fdi, put a firm point: “Autonomy and independence of the judiciary were values ​​for him. Beyond the santini who are agitated, Brothers of Italy candid Carlo Nordioone who says he doesn’t like the Constitution. Giorgia Meloni decide, Nordio or Borsellino: you can’t choose both together ”.

Not only. Referring to the ideas of Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi on Basic incomeScarpinato added: “They also want to remove a piece of bread to the poor. Being poor has become one fault. Are you poor? You failed ”. All “these components” – she added – have a “minimum common denominator”: “They have the stomach on their stomach Constitution of 1948. They can’t stand it ”. And about the justice reformanother topic at the center of the electoral campaign and which unites the center-right and Action-Italia Viva, the former magistrate underlined: “They want to put the control of the judiciary back under the politics and then go back to classism. Because I am guaranteed when they want, but with the last they become secured “. Already today, notes i “White collars they don’t go in prison. Prison in Italy will never be a civil place until they begin to be guests too ”.

In this situation, among other things, according to Scarpinato, the “selfishness of the old ruling class” is welded to the “selfishness of the new financial class”. In other words, the M5 candidate said: “They have interests converging in dismantling the Charter. The Constitution today is the Maginot line. If we want to make sense of all those who got killed during the Resistenceif we want to make sense of Falcon And Purse, we cannot give it a win ”. The Italians want the separation of careers?, asked Scarpinato rhetorically referring to one of the ideas of the center right: “No, they are afraid of one minority of the judiciary. If we remove the guarantee of independence, not even the minority will be able to work as they have done so far ”. And also the Minister Marta Cartabiahe remarked, “has been busy in the meantime”.

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A clear reference to his reform: “It has passed a number of standards which are i assumptions to restore thehegemony policy on the judiciary. They have already established that it must be the Parliament to decide which ones processes you have to do and which ones to end up in the trash. And they decide it. Will they ever put us as a priorityabuse of office o processes involving i White collars? You tell me if I could stay at home or if I didn’t want to apply, ”she said. “They had also foreseen theinadmissibility on appeal of the Mafia trials after two years – he recalled – Without Scratchersi Five stars and me, everything would have remained like this “.

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