Paolo Fox horoscope today 10 September 2022 / Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces: the forecasts

Paolo Fox horoscope today 10 September 2022 / Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces: the forecasts
Paolo Fox horoscope today 10 September 2022 / Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces: the forecasts
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L’Paolo Fox horoscope returns on time again today, Saturday 10 September 2022, with the forecasts provided through the frequencies of Radio Latte Miele. What a day it will be for Capricorn, Acquarium And Fish? The indications of the astrologer speak of tensions for Capricorn, but there are also sentimental ones for Aquarius and Pisces. But to deepen each question just continue reading …

Paolo Fox horoscope, the predictions of Capricorn

Maybe a subdued Sunday for the Capricorn and the Paolo Fox horoscope says it from today, so if you have to face thorny topics you will have the opportunity to make them clear. You must not be afraid of exposing yourself, but of people who represent you badly: choose your partners, your allies with great care. You are ruled by Saturn and sometimes you show yourself very resolute, even in love, but Venus, in trine, or in a good aspect, tells you to love and let yourself go.

Aquarius and Pisces, Paolo Fox’s horoscope between work and love

The reasons of the heart forAcquarium they are not that important, because for the Aquarius it is nice to love, but there must always be a moment of freedom that does not mean cheating, simply doing things without always being clinging to the partner. It is also nice to manage life independently, so you have something to tell about everything that has been done. Good heavens according to the Paolo Fox horoscope, however, for interpersonal relationships. I remember that now the Aquarius, especially if he is over fifty years old, goes back to being a little boy and maybe he wants to do all those things he didn’t do when he was young or, simply, take away some satisfaction.

Moon in the sign and relationships are important to i Fish according to the Paolo Fox horoscope. This is a Moon that brings insights. It is important to follow a spiritual path, to read and deepen one’s own culture: the more you know, the less you are at the mercy of slightly banal feelings and emotions. In this period, with a Venus in opposition, it is likely that some Pisces person gets carried away by an argument, by a tension. Those who have a new story going on, after a disappointment, allow themselves with the benefit of inventory: I’m here, I’m with you, but I don’t know if you can completely convince me. Long-standing stories need more confirmation.



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