Flood, in xxxx at the torchlight procession to remember the victims

Flood, in xxxx at the torchlight procession to remember the victims
Flood, in xxxx at the torchlight procession to remember the victims
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There were hundreds of people there torchlight procession which took place today, Saturday 10 September, in memory of the dramatic flood that five years caused the death of 8 people and destruction in Livorno, bringing an entire city to its knees with entire flooded neighborhoods. A silent and moving procession that started from the permanent photographic exhibition ‘Risorgi Livorno’ on viale Nazario Sauro, and then passed – in the same street – in front of the house where a 4-year-old child also lost his life due to the flood. The procession finally reached the Rotonda.

Infinite moments, with the mind that immediately returned to that September 2017, to those minutes of terror that have long conditioned – and still do – the life of the Livorno people. The Municipality, together with the Region has organized some initiatives to never forget what happened five years ago, including exhibitions and photos. Due to the flood, Simone Ramacciotti and his wife Glenda Garzelli, little Filippo and grandfather, Roberto Ramacciotti, died. In addition to them Raimondo Frattali, Martina Bechini, Roberto Vestuti and Gianfranco Tampucci.

Mayor Salvetti: “A fact that has transformed each of us”

“We decided to pass the torchlight procession in front of the house in Viale Nazario Sauro where four people lost their lives because it had never been done and it seemed only right – explained Mayor Luca Salvetti at the end of the parade -. We have reached the fifth anniversary, but each of these 1,825 days that divide us from 10 September 2017 was a day of remembrance, of remembrance. It was a fact that transformed us all, in soul and heart. There was a job to do, that we we have carried on with great desire from the very first moment, to change the approach to these meteorological events that have transformed our lives “.

“There was a new civil protection plan – added the mayor – so as to be ready to manage these events, with a view to giving greater security to all citizens, to those people who have experienced worrying nights in these 5 years. when the sky did not promise anything good. The work is not finished yet, maybe it will be when no one wakes up at 5 in the morning wondering ‘what did you do it for?’. The pain belongs to everyone – he concluded – but above all family members, who are present tonight, and administrations, associations and institutions are ready to give their contribution to alleviate this pain “. At the end, a minute of silence was observed in memory of the victims of 10 September 2017.

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