Excellence, the former Cuoiopelli ds Sandro Marcheschi makes the cards for the championship

Excellence, the former Cuoiopelli ds Sandro Marcheschi makes the cards for the championship
Excellence, the former Cuoiopelli ds Sandro Marcheschi makes the cards for the championship
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All lined up and ready to go. If it were a marathon race, the direction would take those credited to final success one step forward. We, our hypothetical director, did it to Sandro Marcheschithe former sporting director of Cuoiopelli, we asked him for the starting grid for the championship of excellence.

It’s been over a hundred days, tell us the truth when you left La Cuoio, did you slam the door?
“No, because I should have done it. I did not feel in tune with their programs. After 6 years my role was not an accountant with the choices they had made, there were no conditions to continue “

For the first time in such a long time there will be no day when the curtain on Excellence is raised.
“I’ll be watching another match that Pisa sends me to follow”

It is the result of what good he did in Santa Croce.
“I can tell you that the period I spent in white and red was important in my professional growth”

Will we be able to find it on some field?
“I don’t think I will be given this chance for the role I have, but without any doubt for my personal curiosity I will follow the evolution of the championship from a distance”

Who are the favorites?
“I can’t help but mention my former team. Last year they closed in second place, for the coat of arms, the square, the economic effort they made I cannot help but put Cuoiopelli among the candidates for the final victory ”.

But was there a need to change a lot in a team that had been second in the standings, behind the unrivaled Livorno?
“That ours had been a top-level team is demonstrated by how much the former Cuoiopelli players were very coveted, they had no problems finding a team and they all went to reinforce important formations”.

Who are the other suitors?
“Fratres Perignano has an advanced division from Serie D with Sciapi, Di Paola and Doveri, two midfielders like Niccolai and Cornacchia whom I know well for having had them in my team, in defense Lucarelli, Genovali, Aliotta to whom Carani was added. I am convinced that they will easily fight for the championship, plus on the bench there is someone like Matteo Niccolai, a coach who gives an impression to the team. I think they can seriously try to win it “

And then?
“The San Miniato Basso comes from second place on equal points with“ my ”Cuoiopelli. He made all targeted purchases, moved well on the market and has Tragertti on the bench for him the results speak for themselves. I would add among the candidates the Pro Livorno, a formation that from the waist up has nothing to envy to the others with an attack couple like Falchini and Moscati with Brizzi and Costanzo behind them, for experience and quality can play a leading role “

Massese and Camaiore do not start out to be supporting actors.
“I know little about the Apuans. The bianconeri only for the fact that they represent a province must set up competitive teams. Let’s remember that in the second round Camaiore scored more points than anyone else, Bracaloni’s work began to bear fruit, then other choices were made on the coach “

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What are the surprises?
“Cenaia and Castelfiorentino. Cenaia was already a formidable team last year, let’s see what they were able to do in Livorno. We forced us to two hard-fought draws. She went into trouble when she lost Cutroneo and Remedi to injury. But we are talking about a complex that has always floated in fifth place. The Castelfiorentino has entrusted the technical guide to Enrico Cristiani who knows how to work very well with the boys and is able to repeat the excellent work obtained with the Signa, forward he can count on elements such as Iaquinandi, Cutroneo and Giani “

Who is the loose cannon?
“The Armando Picchi of coach Nicola Sena, he is like Niccolai are the coaches who really give their mark to the team. It is a very young team if it is on the right day there is trouble. An eye also for Certaldo, last year in the second round it was a difficult team, we know something about it by losing one of the few games in the second round, it has strengthened itself “

An example to describe, the category team?
“The San Marco Avenza, you will see it will be saved in a short time”

Who do you think plays to survive?
“I think the River Pieve which is aware of giving life to a championship of sacrifice, the Montespertoli which is a newly promoted, the Pontebuggianese”

He did not mention the two teams in the district. Paola Coia built the creature without having a technical guide.
“This follows his style, the coach has already been changed. Fabrizio Tazzioli is an expert coach and must be left to work quietly “

And what about your former Fucecchio rivals?
“They are aware that they must fight for salvation and they know what awaits them. Last year in February they were almost done for and have hit a nice salvation. Surely on the pitch they give little to others and they are good bikes in enhancing the squad they have. They got off to a good start by winning the Cup derby at Masini, a feat that came after 32 years ”.

He wasn’t there then, he wasn’t there today.

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