“Victory similar to last year. Today he was not an opponent for the ball and chain exit”

“Victory similar to last year. Today he was not an opponent for the ball and chain exit”
“Victory similar to last year. Today he was not an opponent for the ball and chain exit”
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Simone Inzaghi, Inter coach, he shows up in the San Siro conference room to illustrate his thoughts after the match against Torino. These are the words of the Nerazzurri coach:

How heavy is this victory, why is it not a normal victory? And what response did you get from the group, especially from Handanovic?
“An important victory, desired. We found one of the worst opponents but the boys worked as a team, suffering all together. As a coach, it’s nice to win games like this. Handanovic is excellent as his teammates.”

Is this victory comparable to the one against Juventus last year?
“It’s important, because we came from two defeats against important opponents, the last against the most intense team in the world like Bayern Munich which is very strong. I’m happy for the boys, for the Curva that was with us from the first to the 95th and it was a great sign for the boys “.

This year there doesn’t seem to be the enthusiasm of the beginning of the year. How do you explain it?
“Last year the victory with Torino was very similar, it is Torino that leads you to not very brilliant performances. Today I keep the determination of the team.”

Where did you start in the dialogue that you had, which this evening served?
“Nothing in particular, we talked. We are Inter and we have the obligation to do our best. When we lose we talk a lot but we talk to the club every day, we all talked together. It was a constructive encounter.”


FcIN – The clean exit ball and chain starting from the defense last year was one of the best weapons of his team, this year instead it is very difficult to assert it even if the interpreters are practically the same. Is it a matter of form or have your opponents figured out how to neutralize you?
“We have to improve, then tonight was perhaps not the most suitable match for the ball and chain. The opponent forced us not to go out, but we are at the beginning and the condition will improve”.

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A few more long raises by the goalkeeper have been reviewed, is that something you ask for more?
“Tonight’s game required it. We play more ball on the ground but tonight the opponent forced you to go to the attackers because there were few outlets.”

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