Sweden to vote, Andersson seeks reconfirmation as Akesson’s populist right grows in polls

Sweden to vote, Andersson seeks reconfirmation as Akesson’s populist right grows in polls
Sweden to vote, Andersson seeks reconfirmation as Akesson’s populist right grows in polls
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Sunday Sept. 11 Swedish citizens will be called to the polls to elect i 349 members of their Parliament (Riksdag) in a social context more divided and tense than ever. To upset the Swedish political equilibrium is the concrete possibility that i Swedish Democratsa far-right party that from 2010 onwards doubled the votes one election after another, winning in 2018 the 17.5 percent of consensus, you become the second largest political force in the country after the Social Democrats of the current prime minister Magdalena Andersson, data from Politic to the 29 percent. To guide them towards what the polls have predicted for about a month will be at least the 20 percent of the votes, the young politician Jimmie Åkessonborn in 1979. The predominance of the Swedish Democrats, but not only, led the electoral campaign to ignite especially on the issue ofimmigration and securityin a country where, until a few years ago, people didn’t even lock their doors.

The election campaign

The electoral campaign, despite the international upheavals that have closely affected Sweden – just think of the very rapid accession to NATO in the company of Finland, which broke the country’s two-century neutrality – the public and political debate has focused almost exclusively on internal affairs . There was obviously room for the energy and environmental crisisbut dominating the conversation was the migration policiesjudged too soft, and the fight against drug traffickers. In the last year the number of victims and cases of feuds between groups has filled the national news, and also i Social Democrats have aligned themselves with the right-wing narrative promising to “fight crime at any cost“, Admitting to having made mistakes in managing the flows and, for the first time, connecting – even if not explicitly – the number of migrants in the country to the increase in crime.

Who are the Swedish Democrats

Political training born in 1988 through the unification of various forces of the Swedish far-right galaxy, the Swedish Democrats want countering “immigration and the Islamization of Sweden”. The party has always been the bearer of xenophobic and racist campaigns against migrants and asylum seekers and today describes the Scandinavian country as being in the hands of hordes of criminals and baby gangs of foreigners. Almost every week, party leaders and administrators are embroiled in scandals for links, past and present, with avowedly neo-Nazi far-right groupslike the NMR (Nordic Resistance Movement).

Their slogan (“Sweden will be good again») Recalls the most famous Make America Great Again, Donald Trump’s workhorse. As their characteristics and political instances recall those of the Brothers of Italy, of which they are allies in the European Union in Group of European Conservatives and Reformists (Ecr)led by Giorgia Meloni: campaigns against migrants and Islam, anti-community nationalism, relations with the US and Russian right.

The alleged links with the Kremlin

On Friday, the Social Democrats accused Åkesson to be a threat to the security of the state for alleged links with the Kremlin after the leader of the Swedish Democrats replied to a journalist last March by declaring that he “does not know how to choose between Biden and Putin” regarding the Ukrainian conflict.



The elections of 2018 they had ended with a head-to-head between the red-green and center-right coalitions, which took four months to agree to form a government. They appointed the Social Democratic premier in January 2019 Stefan Löfven, then replaced at the end of 2021 by the current Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, now officially a candidate to govern the country. If once again the clash is looming between the two coalitions on the opposite side, what worries both right and left is the overtaking of the Moderates (17.3%) by the Swedish Democrats, with which it will necessarily be necessary to come to terms. Until now all parties had closed the door in Åkesson’s face due to his extreme political positions, but now many right-wing formations declare themselves willing to collaborate in a possible government center-right majority (according to estimates the only way to bring the right to power), attracting the fierce criticism of the center-left parties.

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