The price increases for electricity and gas amounted to 82.6 billion euros

The price increases for electricity and gas amounted to 82.6 billion euros
The price increases for electricity and gas amounted to 82.6 billion euros
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AGI – These amount to a 82.6 billion euros, removing the aid provided up to now, the increases in electricity and gas prices that families and businesses they will suffer this year compared to 2021, a “monstrous figure” which corresponds to about half of the annual GDP of Veneto. This is the estimate drawn up by the Cgia Studies Office.

An increase which, according to the association, is destined to decrease thanks to the effects of the long-awaited Aid decree ter that the Draghi Government will approve next week.

“If, purely theoretically, the Government had all the necessary resources available to cancel the increases without resorting to new debt – underlines the CGIA – it should, in fact, approve a measure worth 82.6 billion. In reality , according to the news that has appeared in recent days, the new decree, precisely in order not to incur an increase in the deficit, it should bring in dowry no more than 12-13 billion “.

The estimates of the CGIA were constructed starting from the 2021 data of the survey on the monthly expenditure of households by Istat relating to the items of electricity and natural / city gas. It was initially then the cost incurred by households for electricity and gas was estimated, and that attributable to businesses was subsequently addedreaching a total cost for the year 2021 of 80 billion euros.

For the year 2022, on the other hand, an overall energy cost has been estimated, again to be borne by households and businesses, of 207.4 billion euros.


Therefore, the increase in the total energy cost 2022 over 2021 was 127.4 billion euros (+159 percent). If from this figure in absolute value we subtract the 44.8 billion in economic aid against the expensive bills paid this year by the Draghi government, the increase in the cost of energy for families and businesses compared to last year is, of 82.6 billion.

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To give a “dimension” to the amount of these 82.6 billion, the association tried to estimate how many less taxes households and companies would have to pay to compensate for the increases in electricity and gas bills. According to the elbaorate calculations, without new aid, they would balance the bill if this year the car tax, IMU, IRES and IRAP were not paid to local authorities and the tax authorities.

“It is clear – concludes the CGIA – that if we want to to secure the country by the end of the year it will be necessary to intervene with at least 30 billion in new aid. About half of this amount appears to have been recovered by the Draghi government without having to resort to new debt. We believe, given the gravity of the moment, that it would not be ‘heresy’ to resort to a new budget variance for at least another 15-20 billion. Obviously, with the agreement of Brussels which, in the meantime, should loosen the regulatory constraints on state aid. We recall that in order to face the pandemic crisis in Italy, between 2020 and 2021 – through refreshments, non-repayable contributions and subsidized loans – we have supported households and businesses with over 180 billion euros. And it was thanks to these measures that we were able to overcome that difficult moment. Now, with public spending that in Italy amounts to about one trillion euros a year, we cannot recover another 20 to plug this situation, which is equally dramatic, until the EU finds an agreement on the introduction of the ceiling on the price of gas?”.

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