Letta takes a crab, retroactive taxes and Clinton: so, today …

Letta takes a crab, retroactive taxes and Clinton: so, today …
Letta takes a crab, retroactive taxes and Clinton: so, today …
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– I would have expected the Italian press to ride the New York Times piece that ridiculed the filth of Roma Capitale. With any mayor they would have done it, except with their friend Roberto Gualtieri. I say it and I repeat it: all legitimate, everyone makes the newspaper in their own way. But at this point, don’t sell us the story of “objective”, “non-partisan” journalism and various devilry.

Hillary Clinton, which obviously we cannot call “Bill Clinton’s wife,” was interviewed by Corriere e Repubblica on the occasion of her trip to the Venice Film Festival. And what do our reporters record? The Corriere makes Giorgia Meloni “clear customs” (“she is a woman, it is an opportunity: then we will evaluate how she governs”) while Repubblica insists on the trite and retired fear of sovereign populisms. How boring

– unmissable episode of Il Cavallo e la Torre: together with Damilano there will be Matteo Maria Zuppi, president of the CEI. Two (soporific) priests

– Letta says that the Democratic Party is on Tik Tok “in a way that is not ridiculous but very serious” because Tik Tok “is not a place for cabaret or variety”, but “a platform where we talk to people, the youngest, who want to hear serious and clear commitments “. You can see that he didn’t understand a club or he caught a huge crab

– the first video on Tok Tok of the Democratic Party, with Alessandro Zan on “rights”, has been viewed about 30 thousand times. For Letta it is “a huge success”. I repeat: a pipe did not understand us. The video of the Cav, to say, has reached 6 million ..

– you do, but to me taxes retroactive – even those on the super-earnings of energy companies – it seems to me a devilry. Pure socialism

– little news for the attentive. Among the proposals of the EU technicians to the Commission to calm the price of energy there is also a post scriptum that we must keep in mind: prices, whatever decision the EU takes, will remain high throughout 2022 and until 2024-2025, albeit to a lesser extent ”. Put your soul in peace


– the regasifier from Piombino, as well as that of Ravenna, is needed. But it serves because we have chosen to sanction Russia. This we must remember. Because the price of LNG is not “low” as it was that of gas from the pipeline before this whole crisis. This is why perhaps diversifying we will be able to get by, but we will not return to the prices of the past

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– interesting interview with Emanuele Fiano after the writings appeared on the walls against him. Because although the trail of those offenses is “left-wing”, in the interview we always end up talking about the right. For Fiano the antesimites on the right would be widespread almost everywhere, while on the left they would be only “in a very small fringe”. But why? Why not tell the truth, that in both cases we are talking about small minorities to be put on the same level? Ps: the colleague seems to have forgotten to ask Mr Fiano about the anti-Semitic positions among the candidates of his party, the Democratic Party. Strange, huh?

– he’s right Maurizio Lupi: the paradox of the Third Pole is that it does not propose to the Italians “give us a vote so we govern”, but “give us a vote so we make sure that no one governs”. It seems absurd to me

– putting a ceiling on the price of Russian oil, I say, seems to me only a gimmick. Because there is oil in the world and you just have to go and buy it elsewhere. The problem is the gas. And in fact there we dream of the price cap

– but why does Calenda look like someone struggling to talk to a 3-year-old when making Tik Tok videos?

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