Cingolani pushes for regasifiers: “By 2024 we will be independent from Russian gas”

Cingolani pushes for regasifiers: “By 2024 we will be independent from Russian gas”
Cingolani pushes for regasifiers: “By 2024 we will be independent from Russian gas”
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ROME – “The important thing is the regasification terminal. It is important because to be safe we ​​must have the regasifiers installed at the beginning of next year to take advantage of the new African supplies., otherwise we could have problems ”. This was stated by the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, on Tg1.


Italy, he promises, “will eliminate dependence on Russian gas by 2024”. And he explains: “Compared to other European countries, we are doing quite well”. Meanwhile our stocks are now 83% and go towards 90%which was the target we had established among the large EU countries, but what is important is that Italy has made a work of diversification of gas sources in recent months and we have already halved our dependence on Russian gas today: six months ago 40 per cent of Italian gas was Russian, today it is slightly less than half. By continuing to diversify, mainly thanks to African supplies, next year we will further halve and eliminate dependence in 2024“.
Cingolani adds: “The other countries have not found new sources yet, so in the event of a Russian gas interruption, we will have to compensate for ever lower percentages of gas compared to our total. For other European countries it could be a bit more complicated because their percentages of Russian gas are currently still quite high ”.


As for Putin’s threat to eliminate gas flows to Europe, the owner of the ecological transition observes: “Russian blackmail is clear to everyone, among other things, this price increase established by the TTF favored the Russians because they gave us less gas at a higher price, so they gave us less material and continued to earn a lot of money with which they financed and financed the war. “Now European countries are working to differentiate sources and become independent from Russia as soon as possible. It will take some time but even Russia is not true that it can suspend supplies so quickly because it has no other large pipelines where to put this gas and sell it elsewhere. So it is a bit of a poke gamer, let’s be clear. Unfortunately, there is no doubt that we are in a non-market war economy and this is affecting the energy landscape of all our European societies ”.


The Italian gas saving plan, for example by reducing daily heating by one hour, underlines, “it is a fairly sustainable plan, I would say quite light from a civil point of view, of the life of citizensand to this is added the industrial plan that we are defining with Confindustria so that for the October 15, the integrated gas savings plancivil and industrial, can be presented, as per the agenda, to the European Commission“.



Finally Cingolani notes that on the gas price ceiling “the negotiations in recent months have been important to convince our European colleagues”. “The price of gas – he explains – is set on the Dutch TTf stock exchange which is currently out of control, it is a price that has increased tenfold on the basis of demand projections, the Russian crisis and even speculation. However’ this price no longer reflects reality and also the actual existence of gas on the planet, and brings businesses and citizens to their knees ”. This price, he concludes, “determines the cost of electricity which, for an old mechanism, is linked to the price of gas, two and a half times the price of gas. So, it’s the perfect storm. The only solution is a single, fair, profitable price for operators but one that is sustainable. And now we are finally starting to converge at European level on our proposal“.

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