“A greater thing than us”

“A greater thing than us”
“A greater thing than us”
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Nunzio Stancampiano And Cosmary Fasanelli they are together? The dancer has finally broken the silence and after the gossip about the two former protagonists of Friends 21it was Nunzio himself who explained what the situation is currently between them.

Nunzio and Cosmary, the dancer speaks

Guest of Lorella Cuccarini, the 19-year-old Nunzio told himself with an open heart during the web program of the host and professor of Amici, “Tell me about you”. After being pinched hand in hand with Cosmary, Alex Rina’s ex, Nunzio has finally broken the silence. Here are the words of him as taken up by the colleagues of IsaeChia.it:

I don’t want to talk about love because I am skeptical, I was a bit skeptical on the subject but to date, for the experience I am living, I can tell you that it is beautiful that is everything is new, it is something greater than us unfortunately . When you love a person in life, I think there is nothing more beautiful and true. And above all it is even more beautiful when it is unexpected. When it comes out of nowhere you say “wait a minute” but you can’t control it. This is the situation.

Nunzio then also spoke about relations with Raimondo Todaro that he was able to find right in the talent of Maria De Filippi and with which the bond has become more solid.

Today the dancer admitted to feeling with almost all his former companions and reserved very important words to the hostess of the talent:

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Maria was like a mother to me. In there she really made me feel at home and for me home is the most important thing. I found in her the figure of a mother and she calmed me when I had high moments. She logged in and explained to me why I had those moments. Maria has a talent. I hope she will continue like this also for the new class that will be formed. We guys need people like her, who are within everyone’s reach, simple.

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