Sant’Elia, The diary of a quarantine. Viviana Cuozzo talks about the pandemic

Sant’Elia, The diary of a quarantine. Viviana Cuozzo talks about the pandemic
Sant’Elia, The diary of a quarantine. Viviana Cuozzo talks about the pandemic
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A journey into lockdown, in the darkness of the battle against the invisible enemy, in the depths of sensations of transience and uncertainty, in a world that has suddenly become different from his being, with an ever slower and more silent step, showing his “danger” at every touch and any distraction. Shutters lowered both along the streets of urban centers and within oneself, to want to scrutinize the changes without often being able to adapt. But also the beauty of rediscovering others, as well as one’s own dimension.
It was to give voice to this experience Viviana Cuozzoarchitect and multifaceted artist, originally from Sant’Elia who brought to the prints “Quarantine Diary“. A literary and existential journey where you can see how many have found themselves obliged to have to change their lives out of the blue. A radical change that in families, in society as a whole, has led on the one hand to enormous inconveniences, and on the other. rediscovery of affection, human understanding, simplicity.

There are many interpretations of this novel: from the chronicle of the pandemic, to the story of the family experience; from the vision of a phenomenon that has had numerous social repercussions to the consideration of the dynamics of living; forced coexistence and the desire for freedom; the diatribe between life and death, which has the only solution in the religious perspective of being, rooted in the theological virtues, which build the person and project themselves to the extent of politics: the action of the State, the pursuit of the Common Good, the best of all possible worlds built in Ethics.

At just in Sant’Elia tonight, at 9 pm, the wonderful church of Santa Maria La Nova in the historic center will host, with the patronage of the Municipality of Sant’Elia Fiumerapido, the presentation of Viviana Cuozzo’s book “Diary of a quarantine” published by Inner Places.
Il Diario, which received the Piersanti Mattarella 2022 award in the Unpublished Literature section at the Campidoglio last May 21, is a true story, the theater in which it takes place is the house in via Panisperna, in the heart of Rome, where Viviana Cuozzo lives with his family, and there every evening through writing he finds the weapon to bring order to the chaos that has fallen in the midst of everyone. The particular story is intertwined with that of the world; it is the story of a dramatic period for the whole of humanity seen with new eyes, which were able to find Beauty even in the moment of pain.

Pages of recent history that can become collective memory, a moment of sharing in literary testimony. The event itself is “art” and she will know how to decline according to the multifaceted talents of the author in the declinations of literature, music, singing, painting. It will be a way to transport the participants into the melting pot of feelings that she experienced in the period of that writing.
The Rai journalist Paolo Di Giannantonio will speak together with the authorgreat narrator and observer of world events, e the councilor for culture of Sant’Elia lawyer Claudia Sofia, with the participation of the teacher Suraya Zaidi at the piano. The institutional greetings of the mayor Roberto Angelosanto will follow.

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