Pierangelo Della Corte: “I hope that citizens will decide with conscience who will guide them for the next five years”

Pierangelo Della Corte: “I hope that citizens will decide with conscience who will guide them for the next five years”
Pierangelo Della Corte: “I hope that citizens will decide with conscience who will guide them for the next five years”
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NOCI – He is less than 40 years old and is secretary of the Communist Party of Noci. What prompted you to take the lead? It is not a personal decision but it is the result of the party’s choices. I believe that age is a marginal factor, in many years of militancy I have met elderly people with a fresh, innovative mentality and above all not resigned to the wrongdoings of the system and twenty-year-olds who despite only having to lose, defend their tormentors at the sword trying to draw from them profit in a selfish way, behavior that is the basis of the capitalist system: make everyone individual and convince yourself that sooner or later you will become rich.

Although political leadership is important, there is no history alone. Who are the party comrades who animate the territorial headquarters? Quoting Mayakovsky: “… the party is a hand that has millions of fingers clenched in a single fist …” This is the basis of the communist party, there is no leaderism like in all other parties but there are militants who develop the line politics. The discussion in our offices always leaves a new teaching and a cultural and human enrichment; therefore there is not someone who prevails over others but a union of intentions with the aim of creating a society of free and equal.

The group of Noci of the party and gradually the provincial, regional and national one in what are they distinguished from the other political groups? The main factor is the political preparation, study and analysis of events that leads to the development of solutions and not just criticism. Here, I believe that the aspect that most distinguishes the Communist Party from other political formations is that in our offices we study politics, elsewhere we look for the shrewd person who can bring votes at any cost.

Does the Communist Party currently have a contact person in the municipal administration? Not at the moment, but we have been working for years to achieve this result. We have organized numerous events over the past five years on different topics: public water, about which we wrote a book; book presentations; meetings on current events and history, the most recent, for example, on the costs of war. No, we don’t have a contact person but we have certainly been more present than those who have.

What do you think the Communist Party can bring in administering a municipality like Noci? The Communist Party’s program is based on the rights of the people and not on the rights of private companies. The municipality must be administered for what it is: a community of citizens, not a company. The rules imposed by undemocratically elected supranational bodies such as the ECB and the IMF have led to nothing but cuts in services, a reduction in public spending, an increase in local taxes and savage privatizations. We present ourselves with the awareness that if the stability pact, the balanced budget, the constraints on investments and maintenance costs are not questioned, all the other promises are useless and there will be no improvement in the lives of citizens.


On 25 September we will be called to vote in the political elections. How is the Communist Party positioned? The Communist Party is in coalition with other anti-system and anti-capitalist forces including Ancora Italia, Reconquer Italy and 13 other forces with the symbol of SOVEREIGN AND POPULAR ITALY. In recent days we have completed the collection of 60,000 signatures throughout the country, and I take this opportunity to thank all the people of Nocesi who have supported us in this difficult operation.

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In a famous song Giorgio Gaber sings “… despite everything, I still believe that ideology exists, it is continuing to affirm a thought and its why, with the excuse of a contrast that does not exist …”. Do you think that ideology exists and is a foundation for political movements today? How is it possible to go into politics without having an idea of ​​the company you want? Without ideology there is no conception of the past, of the present and above all of the future. Unfortunately, this is what has been happening for thirty years now: politicians from all political parties from center right to center left have no idea of ​​society, they have no plans for the future, they try to make a living out of mere personal interests. The selling off of the Italian public assets. I’ll give some examples: the highways built with Italian money to then bring profits to individuals like Benetton, where they take the money and we put the dead as for the Morandi bridge, or the privatization of Eni and Enel that brings profits to the shareholders. and bills increasingly dear to citizens, precarious work by erasing the future of millions of young people, selling the country to European constraints by effectively erasing democracy, being totally subjected to the expansionist manias of NATO and therefore of the United States. All these decisions against the national interests of our country lead to two conclusions that I leave to the readers: they have no idea what they are doing or they are traitors to the country!

What do you wish as a citizen even more than as a political militant for the elections and for the future? I hope that citizens will decide with conscience who will lead them for the next five years. On the one hand there are the parties that have ruled together in the same majority, with the same Premier, voting for the same things that are leading the country towards complete economic disintegration, all of them, without exception. On the other hand, there are those who have opposed all the decisions that have split Italian society in the last two years, from the poor management of the pandemic to entering the war. The only useful vote is for those who want to get out of this madness before it is too late, for a SOVEREIGN AND POPULAR ITALY.

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