from victim to suspect, nightmare end

from victim to suspect, nightmare end
from victim to suspect, nightmare end
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Who is Valentina Pitzalis: today a symbol of the battle against femicides

Valentina Pitzalis it has become the symbol of the battle against femicide. Her story will be at the center of the new episode of The Third Clue and it seems to retrace a script very similar to that of many women victims of the resentment and anger of men who claim to love them. After a peaceful childhood and an adolescence like that of many of her peers, she meets with Manuel Piredda, the man she falls madly in love with and who firmly believes can be the love of her life. The two suddenly get married but soon that apparently “normal” love turns into a real obsession. A blind jealousy that leads to the end of their story and to a death plan by Piredda that will be carried out on the night of April 17, 2011.

Reached Manuel Piredda in his home in Baku Abis, Valentina Pitzalis he will be fooled by the excuse of a clarifying encounter. Here her ex-husband will fine-tune her crazy gesture: the man sets her on fire after throwing gasoline on her, scarring her indelibly. In the stake, however, Manuel Piredda will lose his life. At the time of the events, Valentina, who miraculously remained alive, is 27 years old: from that incredible tragedy she will wake up in a hospital bed with a completely disfigured face, one hand amputated and the other severely damaged.

Valentina Pitzalis: from victim to ‘executioner’, the end of a nightmare

For Valentina Pitzalis the nightmare is not over yet because Roberta Mamusa, mother of Manuel Piredda, accused of killing her ex-husband. In 2016, a first complaint was filed against her but it was archived. A second will follow after which Valentina Pitzalis is investigated for voluntary murder. However, no evidence will ever be found against her. The nightmare for the woman ended on October 1, 2020 when the investigating judge freed Valentina Pitzalis from all charges against her: “After everything I have been through, I am unable to support the legal fees I have faced even though I won the case, because the other party declared themselves null and there was no trial. All the expenses incurred, which amount to about 98 thousand euros, should be paid by myself “he had revealed the woman to Verissimo.

Today Valentina Pitzalis he is 39 years old. On the Canale 5 broadcast he told what were the worst consequences suffered: “The hardest thing was losing self-sufficiency, my left hand was amputated. The doctors saved my right hand. I suffered unprecedented violence from the person I thought I loved “. At 27, Valentina Pitzalis found her life completely turned upside down: “I have suffered psychological violence for years, without recognizing the alarm bells. Manuel isolated me from my loved ones, I couldn’t talk on my cell phone, he had a pathological jealousy “he recalled. Today Valentina Pitzalis has managed to be reborn but behind her and in her soul she will continue to carry those indelible wounds forever: “I was lucky enough to survive. But they made me feel guilty for not shutting myself in the house crying, instead I wrote a book. He is dead, he paid with his own life for what he did. His family accused me of inducing suicide, trying to make me look like an executioner. They said I started the fire I burned in, but the case was dismissed because it was clear. I no longer have a nose, no ears, but they will never take away my smile. I practice happiness “.



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