Trump’s promise: “If I reapply and win, thank the Capitol Hill rioters”

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“If I decide to reapply and if I win, I will look very, very favorably to the complete grace“. This was announced by former US President Donald Trump, speaking of the group of supporters of him that the January 6, 2021 broke into the Capitol. A controversial stance, revealed today at Wendy Bell, radio host close to American conservatives. In the course of the interview, Trump not only refused to condemn the events of January 6, but revealed that he had offered economic support to some of the rioters involved in the attack. “I’m helping great people financially, who were in my office even a couple of days ago. It is a disgrace what these people have had to bear», Declared the former American president in reference to the rioters under investigation for having raided Capitoll Hill.

The beginning of the election campaign

The statements of Trumpdestined to rekindle the debate on the events of January 6, came almost simultaneously with the expected speech of his successor and current president, Joe Biden: “We have thought for a long time that in the USA equality and the democracy they were guaranteed but it is not true. We must defend them, protect them and put them back on their feet because the Republican faction that recognizes itself in Trump is dominated by the desire to intimidate ”, the Democratic president urged. The feeling is that, just over two months from elections of midterm, the electoral campaign is in full swing. In recent weeks, the Democratic party he insists on the measures approved in the first two years of the Biden administration and warns of the dangers that American democracy would face in the event of a second victory by Donald Trump. On the other hand, the former president is doing everything to not lose the support of the Republican Party and his constituents, committed above all to opposing those who propose a more moderate turn of his party.

Will Trump run again?

If the campaign for the mid-term elections has already begun, it is also true that one of the possible protagonists of the next presidential elections, namely Trump, has not yet officially announced his candidacy. In reality, the decision seems quite obvious. Confirmations to this effect have come, over the last few months, from the former president himself and from some of his closest collaborators, starting from Jared Kushner, his son-in-law. As reported by the CnnTrump would be thinking of postponing the official announcement of his candidacy for the presidential elections of 2024, initially scheduled for September 5, Labor Day. This is because, according to the American broadcaster, media attention of these weeks on judicial troubles Trump could have negative effects.

In recent weeks, in fact, the FBI has recovered from the villa of Mar-a-Lago of the former president as well 300 classified documents, which Trump took with him after leaving the White House, rather than handing them over to the State Archives. The decision of the Department of Justice, who will have to choose whether to prosecute Trump or not. A decision that for months has triggered a heated debate throughout the country, especially due to the risk of violent clashes and protests.


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