Giulia De Lellis reveals who the star she has a crush on is!

Giulia De Lellis reveals who the star she has a crush on is!
Giulia De Lellis reveals who the star she has a crush on is!
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Giulia De Lellis he dedicated some of his time to his fans and above all to respond to their curiosity.

Through the classic and now famous “question box” on Instagramthe former well-known face born in Men and women, has answered some curious questions that have been asked by the most loyal fans. The first question was clear and direct and concerned her past: “Do you ever think about someone or something from your past?”And here is the answer of Giulia:

Yes, a recently watched movie made me think lately about how certain things would have turned out if I had made different choices… I happen to think about my past because it made me who I am. Because it was part of me. I have no remorse, no regrets. I did everything I could and what I wanted, that’s okay.

The film in question, later revealed the same, is “Look both ways “; a sentimental and light film that at the same time allowed the former Vippo to reflect on her past. And to those who kept asking her what she would like to say to one of her ex-boyfriends, the girl commented:

I don’t need to put it here. I picked up the phone in due time and with the right person. I have not left anything unresolved with anyone.

Then she continued, revealing that in her opinion everyone comes back sooner or later:

Sooner or later, from personal experience, at least 99.9% of individuals do come back.

Currently Giulia De Lellis seems to have definitively closed with the past, especially with the story that made her famous, the one with Andrea Damante. To date she lives an intense love affair with Carlo Gussalli Beretta and with him she rediscovered serenity. To those who would like to see her get married, she replied:

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When my boyfriend asks me like everyone else I think …

Giulia she also faced numerous unpleasant situations in her life that sometimes led her to suffer from anxiety and it was she who talked about it:

Yes, anxiety and panic attacks. It still happens, I just learned to manage those too. When they arrive it means that I am full, that I have to throw out that load of energy. So I welcome them, breathing deeply. I go through them and then get rid of them feeling better shortly after. I’m no longer afraid …

I did a period of analysis but then I stopped. I embarked on a path of self-analysis hoping to start over with a professional soon.

In the end, Giulia revealed the international star he’s always had a crush on: the American model and rapper Asap Rocky.

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