Andria: recovery of fourteen buildings for eighty-four social housing

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Below is the press release:

The recovery works of 14 buildings for a total of 84 apartments in the San Valentino district in Andria have begun, the works are aimed at reducing housing discomfort and eliminating architectural barriers and improving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The San Valentino building complex is a settlement whose construction dates back to the 1980s, all public residential buildings consist of a ground floor intended for a garage and cellars as well as three upper floors all intended for livable dwellings, unfortunately without elevators.

The intervention is part of the Regional Operational Program (POR) of the Puglia Region 2014-2020, the priority Axis IV, “Sustainable energy and quality of life”, defines the regional declination of the European strategy for the relaunch of the quality of life through the best use of the energy resource and in the context of the POR Puglia 2014-2020, the Priority Axis IX, “Promoting social inclusion, the fight against poverty and all forms of discrimination”, defines the regional declination of the European strategy for the fight against poverty, with respect to which one of the founding pillars is determined by the reduction of housing deprivation for people and families living in conditions of economic and social fragility, both in terms of reduced accessibility to homes and in terms of reduced quality of ” living, also in relation to the specific needs for autonomy and safety connected to the psycho-physical conditions of individuals.

The interventions will see the construction of a thermal “coat” to completely insulate the building envelope, a photovoltaic system to meet the energy needs of the condominium users as well as the installation of a stairlift system that will allow you to reach all floors of buildings quickly and safely and the construction of ramps to overcome architectural barriers.

In addition, there will be the complete replacement of the intercom system with the installation of a video intercom equipped with aids for the hearing impaired and visually impaired and the refurbishment of the lighting system of the common parts with lighting bodies with low energy consumption LED technology.


In this regard, the Sole Director of ARCA Puglia Centrale, the lawyer. Pietro Augusto de Nicolo, declares: “Thanks to these works, even those in fragile conditions will be able to live in a more comfortable, more energy efficient, safer and more sustainable environment from an environmental point of view. We need to restore dignity to those who live in difficult neighborhoods, thus satisfying one of the major requests coming from the outskirts of our cities. “

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