Stellaris: Toxoids DLC announced

Stellaris: Toxoids DLC announced
Stellaris: Toxoids DLC announced
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In the last few hours, Paradox Interactive announced Toxoidsnew DLC for Stellarisarriving on September 20. For the occasion, the trailer was also released, which you can see at the bottom of the news.

This is the description of the DLC on the Steam page by Stellaris:

Rise from the primordial soup until you reach the stars! The Toxoids Species Pack offers players the ability to inhabit toxic worlds, risk the future of the planets for immediate gain, and make the hard sacrifices needed to survive in a hostile galaxy.

Knights of the Toxic God: Deep within your home world, there are rumors of great power buried under toxic sewage. Do you have the courage to unearth the secrets of your past and perhaps free a biological colossus?

Over-Optimized: Play as a species that can acquire more and more traits at the expense of its life expectancy, and live day by day without worrying about tomorrow!

Toxic Baths: Get your population to grow quickly with a new infusion of mutagenic sewage, as long as you accept the costs for your planet and your people!
Sweepers: Collect debris and rubble to quickly accomplish your construction projects.
Relentless Industrialists: If you want to keep up with demand, you’ll have to stop bowing to meaningless regulations and negative opinions. The surviving population will thank you for all the resources you provide!

Incubator: Repopulate the planet quickly when empty, but remember that development facilities fill up fast too!
Inorganic Breath: Your own inhabitants are a Source of precious exotic gases! It’s a shame that respirators are so expensive.
Harmful: Other species can’t live with you and your very existence makes planets terrible places to live. At the same time, however, it won’t be easy for other empires to fight or subdue you!
Exotic Metabolism: It’s easier for you to ask “do you eat that?”, While other species would call a pest control team. Eat faster, live longer, and enjoy amazing bursts of flavor!

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New portraits of species, ships and cityscapes to remind the galaxy that beauty is in the itchy eye of the beholder.
A new voice from the toxoid advisor, providing news and advice with poisonous irony.
And much more!

Below you can see the announcement trailer for the Toxoids Species Pack DLC for Stellaris. Recall that one of the previous DLCs was theAquatics Species Pack.

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