The maximum gas price cap protects Italy

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The maximum gas price cap protects Italy

The maximum gas price cap protects Italy and is the maximum sanction for Putin – Germany’s opening on the proposal for a European gas price ceiling was enough to calm the speculative Ttf stock exchange in Amsterdam and bring down slightly prices, which in any case remain at unsustainable levels for families and businesses.

The maximum gas price cap protects Italy and is the maximum sanction for Putin – Indeed, it is the same leaders of Gazprom, the Russian state energy company, who presage that in the winter peaks the price of gas will reach 385 euros to Megawatt hour.

The gas price cap is a priority objective of Civic Commitment for two reasons: it is the main way to bring bills back to acceptable levels and it represents the maximum sanction that we can impose on Putin and his dirty war.

So why did the right-wing political forces not respond to our call to strongly support Prime Minister Mario Draghi in the negotiations that will see him engaged in European offices in the coming weeks?

A doubt arises about the reasons why the trio breaks up accounts Salvini-Meloni-Berlusconi continues not to support this proposal of common sense to protect Italians.

And confirmation came just a few days ago, when Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a friend of Giorgia Meloni, made a new agreement with Gazprom to buy more Russian gas in spite of the sanctions.

Evidently there is an axis that starts from the Kremlin and arrives in Italy via Hungary: we must not interfere in the affairs of Putin, a friend of Salvini and Berlusconi, and in those of Orban, a friend of Meloni.

Too bad that by doing so the right-wing alliance means that we all pay more and more expensive bills and that with that money we continue to finance the unfortunate invasion of Ukraine with the purchase of Russian gas.

For this reason we have worked and continue to work day and night to reduce and then eliminate dependence on Moscow, both with the purchase of gas from other countries and by focusing on renewable energy sources, with a massive work of de-bureaucratization of the authorization procedures.


In the meantime, however, we must face an autumn in which prices will skyrocket again, with strong speculations that risk bringing Italy to its knees. For this reason, in parallel with the buffer measures that we are putting in place with the outgoing government, we have proposed to adopt the “Taglia-Bollette” decree in the first council of ministers of the new legislature.

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The proposal is simple and the money to do it is there: in this emergency phase, at least until the end of the year, we must reduce the bills of all Italian companies by 80%, from small bars to the most energy-intensive industries.

The medium-term horizon and the real solution to this very heavy crisis, however, is the maximum ceiling on the price of gas: a common European price cap that will give breath to our economy and bring less money to Putin’s war.

A goal that, by now it is clear, can only be achieved by the political forces that really care about Italians and the future of the country.

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