Naples, bills burned in the square by the unemployed against the high prices of energy. A hundred protest with the curious initiative

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Naples, bills burned in the square to protest against the rise in energy prices. On Friday 2 September 2022, several hundred unemployed people gathered to demonstrate against the authorities, guilty of not supporting families in difficulty.

Naples, bills burned in the square by the unemployed against the high prices of energy

On Friday 2 September, in the ‘7 novembre’ square of the ‘167’ of Naples, one was staged protest of a hundred unemployed. At the center of the demonstration was the expensive bills and rising energy prices.

Really, the demonstrators burned the latest bills for the supply of electricity and gas in front of the central post offices in Piazza Matteotti in Naples. The protest then continued in procession in via Verdi and then headed towards the Palazzo San Giacomo, seat of the Municipality of Naples.

A hundred protest with the curious initiative

Several hundred people they protested against the expensive bills. There is fatigue but also frustration. “We are tired of the promises – explains someone among the demonstrators – We have been waiting for a job for years and today we cannot pay these figures, which have tripled “. Someone else, on the other hand, adds: “Our families are exhausted. For us, so far, only so many words and few facts ”.

Gaetano Manfrediinterviewed by the Municipality’s web TV, intervened commenting on the singular protest. “It will be a very hot autumn – specified the mayor – the situation of families is very difficult, the cost of bills is unsustainable and this concerns those who have work and those who do not have it“. “IS – continued Manfredi – An even more important social issue in a city like Naples with such high levels of poverty. We need government intervention to support income. We must help those who today are forced to choose whether to go shopping or pay their bills ”.

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Instead, on the Basic income, Manfredi replied as follows: “I am against the approach you feel, Citizenship Income yes or no. It is an important tool because it is a response to poverty, it cannot be questioned even more in a situation like the present one. What has not worked are the active policies for work and for integration into the world of work. It is essential that there is a reform, I hope that beyond the electoral propaganda we really look at people’s problems and give a serious answer ”.

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