“The plan against expensive energy is already there, the municipality is late”

“The plan against expensive energy is already there, the municipality is late”
“The plan against expensive energy is already there, the municipality is late”
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Allies against. The Greens of Milan are once again taking sides openly against the mayor Beppe Sala, whom they themselves support in the city council. After all the controversy over the anti-drought ordinance – with a crossfire that brought the commissioner to the green, Elena Grandi, right at the Verdi altitude, under fire – the new reason for the dispute is the expensive bills.

On Thursday, the mayor explained that he was ready to set up “a working group with A2a and Politecnico and the municipality to arrive within a week at a proposal for solutions to be adopted” to try to put a stop to expensive energy. “We do not want to take actions that can be of image but give poor results. I don’t want to give such a sudden answer without studying things well “, the mayor had assured.

An answer that, obviously, has greatly dissatisfied Carlo Monguzzi, group leader of the Greens at Palazzo Marino. “The plan against expensive energy has already been in place since March 2022, it is the municipality that is overdue: we have lost six months due to ineptitude”, the Milanese politician’s trip. “On March 17, 2022 with group colleagues Gorini and Cucchiara we presented an agenda with the energy saving measures to be adopted in our city: it was drastically rejected by the not always far-sighted team that governs Milan. Now a working group is convened that he will only be able to propose the same things that we proposed 6 months ago and which the EU and the government are talking about “, continued Monguzzi, not exactly very tender with his ally.

And again: “In the Odg it is clearly written, heating at 18 degrees and an hour less in the municipal offices and then throughout the city, opening of the thermal season 15 days later, turning off the lighting in shops and public businesses after closing time, turning off the lighting of the monuments for at least two nights a week, strictly closing the doors of the shops when the heaters or air conditioners are on, encouraging smart working and experiencing the 4-day working week. it’s the things that need to be done, not the working groups “, concluded Monguzzi. And indeed, these are some of the things that mayor Sala announced. But, according to the Greens, six months late.

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