four helicopters and two Canadair in action

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Hills of Orbetello in flames due to a fire in the Mediterranean scrub wooded area: various ground crews and various aircraft in action

Posted on: 02-09-2022 17:42


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Fear ad Orbetelloin the province of Grosseto, for a violent fire broke out in the hills. The flames developed for reasons not yet ascertained around 12.30 today, Friday 2 September, burning a portion of the wooded area with Mediterranean scrub. Rescues were immediately activated, which saw the use of numerous teams and air vehicles.

Orbetello, the intervention on the hills after the fire

To tame the violent fire and secure the area of ​​the hills, volunteer fire-fighting men and forest workers intervened on the spot. Operations required the support of four helicopters and two Canadair.

According to what was announced by the Tuscany Region through a press release, after the arrival of the first rescuers, it was requested to send additional teams to reinforce those already in the field.

Photo Source: Virgilio Notizie

The fire affected a densely wooded area of ​​the Orbetello hills

The flames generated a high column of smoke. Given the difficulty in reaching the fire front, an earth-moving machine was used to try to open the road to fire-fighting vehicles.

Ban on burnings still in force

As recalled by ‘La Nazione’, it remains in force until 15 September the absolute prohibition of burns and it is therefore essential to pay the utmost attention to any type of outdoor activity.

The invitation for any report of smoke or fire is to immediately alert the Regional operations room in such a way as to allow quick interventions.

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Fires in Tuscany, the Legambiente point

During the summer, Tuscany had to deal with numerous episodes of fires and fires. At the beginning of the month, Legambiente presented a document to take stock of the region’s forest heritage.

Based on satellite data fromEuropean Forest Fire Information System (Effis) it emerged that “in 2021 there were 233 hectares of wooded areas and not devastated by flames (+ 65% on 2020) while the crimes including arson, negligent and generic are 379 (they were 230 in 2020) with 112 people reported (there were 68 in 2020) “.

This would be a total area of ​​land incinerated of over 6 thousand hectares. 38 Municipalities were affected.


Photo Source: 123RF

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