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“Good thing, a break with the past” – Time

“Good thing, a break with the past” – Time
“Good thing, a break with the past” – Time
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Christian Campigli

02 September 2022

A radiant awakening for Giorgia Meloni, full of clouds on the horizon for Enrico Letta. An endorsement that is anything but taken for granted, which came from overseas from a woman of power. Always close to progressive ideas and not far from conservative values. “The election of the first prime minister in a country always represents a break with the past, and it is certainly a good thing. But then, as with any leader, woman or man, she must be judged for what she does “. An authentic declaration of esteem, the one expressed by Hillary Clinton in an interview with Corriere della Sera and reported this morning by the AdnKronos news agency, when asked about the possibility that Giorgia Meloni could win in the next elections in Italy. “I never agreed with Margaret Thatcher – she adds – but I admired her determination. Clearly then the ideas are voted on ”.

According to the former first lady, women on the right are much more supported by the party than on the left: “They are protected by patriarchy because they are often the first to support the fundamental pillars of male power and privilege. Today, in America, right-wing leaders are against abortion, very much in favor of arms ”. A real blow to the heart for the Pisan secretary. Which trudges and not a little in the polls. Crushed on the right by the moderates and threatened on the left by the Grillini (in clear recovery) and by the Third Pole (calibrated between 5 and 7%). Letta would never have expected this assist to Meloni from the exponent dem who is likely to challenge Trump in the 2024 elections. Indeed, the Italian Democratic Party has always considered itself very close to the progressives of the stars and stripes. Today this sensational stab.


An interview that risks dismantling one of the mantras of the former Tuscan Prime Minister: abroad, the most influential nations fear a government with the leader of the Brothers of Italy in charge. A statement that could widen the already huge gap between the two coalitions.

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