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Giorgia, the “sfaccimme” and the dreams that come true

Giorgia, the “sfaccimme” and the dreams that come true
Giorgia, the “sfaccimme” and the dreams that come true
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By Maaristella Panepino, from to “”

Dear Giorgia, this morning I woke up not believing my eyes. My colleague Irene Milisenda posts a video of you on her whatsapp status. You who sing with Elisa. The great Elisa.

I immediately write to Irene: “But how did this girl get on stage? Do you look like a fellow countryman of mine? ” “Her name is Giorgia!”

“Come on, it’s her. Just think, I almost saw her born, at least as a singer! ” “Well done, you know, Elisa also complimented her and how she held the stage!”

Dear Giorgia, really good. First of all because you had a dream and you thought well that the easiest way to make it come true was to do knock knock and ask for permission. Something that many forget and therefore, in order not to make a mistake, they give up.
You wrote that billboard and you put in that good cheek, which always helps in life.

What in Naples they call with a term I love: la sfaccimme, which is not impudence in the strict sense, but determination, self-confidence and also a certain disregard of the hypothesis of being disappointed. That we care, and how!

I don’t remember how old you are. Surely more than twenty and less than thirty. For us over fourty (I write it in English so I have the illusion that it is understood less) Elisa is a guru. She is the singer-songwriter who projected us into the world. Elisa is international and, at the turn of the 90s and 2000s, she made us touch the English musical dream (she stood out in the popularity ratings of the people, but also of the phantom experts like Alanis Morissette, Linda Perry, Annie Lennox and on talking).

The song, which is your dream come true, is not just any song. From “sanremofila” I tell you with certainty that Luce is the qualitatively best song in the history of the Sanremo Festival. I didn’t decree it, for heaven’s sake, but a certain prof. Ivano Cavallini, internationally renowned musicologist, who when I completed my degree thesis on the Festival, was asked by my supervisor for a technical opinion. He beat me: “Here, Luce by Elisa is not mentioned, the only piece from Sanremo worthy of a mention in musical history.”


And once on TV, Gino Paoli, who knows how to make and talk about music, said: “The best Italian musical artist of today, Elisa, without a doubt.”

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Dear Giorgia, how lucky you have been: you have realized not just any dream, but that of singing with an icon, which will also become a monument.

Elisa today is a trait d’union between you young people, us adults and even those who are more over the years. Because good music is liked outside the categories of time and space.

But let’s talk about you, Giorgia, about how good, confident, cheerful you were. Someone wrote that you were very emotional, but I saw you with the air of a veteran. It seemed that with Elisa I had duetted for the umpteenth time you were in tune with your voice, rhythm and gestures. You have not at all made the figure of the naive young woman, who is swimming in the ocean, after months of training in the home pool. Far from it. You were precise, professional and at the same time you enjoyed it with joy: what a beauty! If I were Elisa I wouldn’t let you run away.

As far as I’m concerned, you gave me an idea. Almost, almost too, I write a billboard, I place myself under Alberto Angela’s house and ask him if I can conduct a program with him, perhaps dedicated to the high mountains. Who knows that even the guru Alberto is not available to make the dream of a fan of him come true.

Good Giorgia, good Elisa and ad maiora!

The article is in Italian

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