Turin, Vagnati: “We tried in every way to take Praet”

Turin, Vagnati: “We tried in every way to take Praet”
Turin, Vagnati: “We tried in every way to take Praet”
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We are connected live from the Conference Room of the Grande Torino Olympic stadium, where the technical director of Torino Davide Vagnati will take stock of the summer transfer market session that has just ended (HERE THE DEFINITIVE TABLE OF THE CALCIOMERCATO DEL TORINO). The start of the press conference at 15.30.

15.30 – The director Vagnatitogether with collaborators Moretti And Mirror, arrives in the conference room. Soon the start of the questions.

Vagnati takes the floor. “It seemed appropriate to give a report as it is my custom to do, to be at your disposal, once the market is over. he gave us not last season but the previous one. The same wish goes for Izzo and Verdi who went to Monza and Verona on loan “.

Is Taurus stronger today or a year ago?

“At the beginning of the market, if you had told me that the market would go like this, I would have been happy”.

You made a good market, but perhaps you failed to make the last shot we expected? We refer to the midfielder.

“There is no regret because we tried to get Praet. He tried to come back. There is no regret: we have tried in every way. It was neither a formula nor an economic problem, it was a legitimate choice by Leicester not to let the player out. We have taken note and that’s okay. We are however satisfied, then I always like to have a lot of balance on the general budget because it is the field that gives the answers for what is the value of the work one does. So there will be a way and time to say if we are fully satisfied ”.

Was it too tight a budget?

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“Some of the players we have didn’t come for their choices, so it wasn’t an economic talk. I don’t name names or even numbers, out of respect for those who earn 1000 euros a month and can’t even come to the stadium. We must pay attention to the numbers and figures for sure, I feel a great responsibility both because I work for a large square and for the historical moment that football is experiencing. You have seen that many teams have focused on free agents. The negotiations that did not go through did not do so not for economic reasons but for reasons of choices, ours or those of the players ”.

Isn’t there the fear that a Brekalo case could be repeated with those who have been borrowed with the right of redemption?

“I want to tell you an anecdote. Brekalo wanted to return to Turin, he did everything, but it was not correct to take him back. Not for sporting reasons, because he did well. But last year we wanted to keep it. It’s not like we didn’t want to invest in him last year. But I want to keep players who are convinced they are staying at Torino. I don’t conceive different things. If you want to come to Turin well, if you don’t want to stay for any reason… There is a project that started thanks to a great coach that we have and we have to continue along this line. I don’t think there will be this problem next year: out of the eight that have arrived, or rather ten, because Ricci and above all Pellegri have been redeemed, three are on loan with the right of redemption, a manageable right, because in case we want it, and the player will want, we can redeem them. The strategy is therefore different. Also for this reason I am satisfied with what has been done. For the rest I am self-critical and I always hope to do better. I would have liked Dennis. I am in love with both the player and the boy and what he could give within the group. Now there are ten games: either take one that arrives and is ready, as he could have been, or you have to make different evaluations ”.


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