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Where to shop in times of spending review? Altroconsumo tells us this in the annual price ranking of the large-scale retail trade, which simulates various shopping carts showing how it is possible for a family to save up to 3,350 euros per year. In the general hyper + super + discount ranking, Aldi and Eurospin have the cheapest products ever. On the other hand, Carrefour Market and Eurospar are at the bottom of the last two places in terms of absolute convenience. Although they always remain the cheapest choice, discounters have increased their prices the most in the last year, while hyper and super, despite the high cost of living, have kept prices practically stable. Here is the ranking and the trends that emerged

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Where is it save money as much as possible in times of high cost of living like these? Shopping from Aldi and Eurospin where – buying the cheapest products ever – a family of four can save up to € 3,350 per year compared to what he spends on average (8,550 euros according to Istat). This is what emerges from the new annual survey by Other consumption on the prices of large retailers which identifies – between super, hyper and discount – the cheaper brands nationwide (for a shopping with the cheapest products, but also branded, private label and mixed).

Sixty-seven cities from North to south, 1,171 points of sale visited among supermarkets, hypermarkets and discount stores, 1.67 million prices recorded for 126 product categories, between food, personal care, home and pet food: these are the numbers of the 2022 edition of the survey, which still reveals strong disparities between North and Center-South in terms of cost-effectiveness of the shopping, albeit with some steps come on. To understand how large retailers behaved with respect to the high general inflation, this year Altroconsumo also has compared the prices with those of the products present in the survey 2021thus identifying the brands and the distribution channel in which prices have increased more than last year.

For each type of expense – with the cheapest products, branded or private label – the convenience of the sign changes, so they have been simulated more “trolleys” to elaborate the rankings.

Where do you spend less?
– In mixed spending (including all kinds of products, branded, private label and the cheapest of all) the cheapest signs are Famila Superstore And Dok. As for the discounters – which have been included in a separate ranking because they have a smaller supply of branded products – it wins Eurospin, followed in second place by In’s.
– In shopping with branded products is long S to obtain the title of cheapest supermarket (the ranking does not consider discount stores where branded products are less popular than hyper and super).
– Finally in the shopping with private label products(private label or commercial brand) at the top of the hyper and super cheapest ranking Carrefour, followed in second place by Ipercoop (the ranking considers only hyper and super because the discount brand products are included in the cheaper products cart).

What are the most expensive brands?
– In mixed spending Carrefour And Bennet they are positioned in the last two places for convenience. On the other hand, among the discounters the most expensive is Todis.
– In shopping with branded products I am Pam and Carrefour Market the most expensive brands.
– In shopping with products a private labelthe least advantage is found atEurospar and al Bennet.

In the general hyper + super + discount ranking Aldi and Eurospinas mentioned, they have the cheapest products ever. On the other hand Carrefour Market and Eurospar I’m in the queue in the last two places in terms of convenience absolute.

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Who has raised their prices the most? In comparison with 2021 it appears that large retailers, on average, have increased them by 2.6%, but going into detail, there is a big difference between discount and super / hyper. On the 26 signs of the investigation (10 discount stores and 16 supermarkets and hypermarkets) were i discounters to have increased their prices more in the last year, 5.2% on average, even if in absolute terms they are still cheaper than super and hyper. The latter have kept prices practically stable, + 1% on average.

At the territorial level they still emerge great differences between North and Center-South, to the detriment of the latter. However, there are some signs of change: if until last year 70% of the top 30 cheapest points of sale were located in the Triveneto, this year the percentage drops to 40%, leaving room for shops in other areas of the boot; the first shops in the Center-South, for example, already appear in the 14th and 15th positions (in 2021 it was necessary to wait for the 40th).

How much can the price of a product change? “By choosing the cheapest supermarket in town, you can save money Very – reveals Altroconsumo –. We also found the same product, in the same city, at almost triple the cost “.

Finally, how to save money with shopping? “If the intent is save as much as possible while also maintaining high qualityproducts of discount it’s at trademark confirm the right choice – concludes Altroconsumo -. We can say this after analyzing the products that have had the best results in our tests over the last two years (358 between food, personal care, home, pet food, etc.). In 40% of cases, the best quality and also the most affordable products are those from the discount store. Even private label products have had this same result in a good percentage of cases, 36% ”.

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