Rings Of Power reveals where Frodo went after the king’s return

Rings Of Power reveals where Frodo went after the king’s return
Rings Of Power reveals where Frodo went after the king’s return
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Warning: spoilers ahead of time for episodes 1 and 2 of The Rings of Power Frodo Baggins’ The Return of the King finale seems infinitely clearer after Galadriel’s exploits in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Upon returning from his perilous journey to Mount Doom, Frodo discovers that the comforts of the Shire no longer calm his soul, and The Lord of the Rings ends with the now legendary Hobbit joining the likes of Galadriel, Gandalf and his Uncle Bilbo in sailing to the Immortal Lands, otherwise known as Valinor.

The Return of the King – specifically Peter Jackson’s live-action film adaptation – remains vague as to what exactly it means to Frodo. What does life in Valinor look like for a Hobbit? What does this blessed kingdom offer that Bag End cannot? Is Frodo dying? Perhaps most important of all, what does Frodo find in this latest adventure? The answers to these questions are largely left to the imagination, since The Lord of the Rings reveals little value regarding the nature of Tolkien’s mysterious and sacred land beyond the sea.

The opening episodes of The Rings of Power finally remedy this. Offering audiences a much broader understanding of the Undying Lands than any previous live-action Tolkien production (or, indeed, the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books), The Rings of Power gives viewers that much anticipated ” ahh! ” time to finally understand the true meaning behind Frodo Baggins’ ending.

Rings Of Power reveals what happened to Frodo after ROTK

The Lord of the Rings ends with Frodo’s ship sailing from the Gray Havens to the distant horizon, leaving his next steps a mystery, but The Rings of Power pretty much reveals exactly what would happen to the Ring-bearer. Galadriel’s journey through the Sundering Seas in episode 1 of The Rings of Power perfectly mirrors Frodo’s final journey (for which, poetically, an older Galadriel was also present), meaning Frodo would have witnessed the same clouds they separate and in the brilliant light that wrapped around him, the same spontaneous chorus of music, and the same immediate feeling of peace and lightness. The only difference is that no one jumps overboard on this occasion. Frodo’s mental image drawn to a golden glow like Galadriel and his soldiers in Rings of Power makes for a fitting ending to his time in Middle-earth.

The Rings of Power opening flashback sequence also gives a glimpse of the new home Frodo would have enjoyed upon reaching the mainland. The Two Trees, Telperion and Laurelin, obviously can’t stand the time Frodo and his companions. arrives, but the same peaceful streams, rolling hills, marvelous architecture and epic landscapes would greet the hobbit upon arrival. The Rings of Power paints Valinor almost like a super-Shire but with an elven touch, which suggests that Frodo and Bilbo would both feel at least a little at home in this strange land of powerful immortal beings.

Now we know WHY Frodo went to Valinor

The Lord of the Rings explains that Frodo is still burdened with wearing the One Ring, and although his physical exhaustion from trekking through Middle-earth can be healed, the spiritual scars are still troubling him. Such pain prompts Frodo to abandon Middle-earth altogether and go to Valinor with Bilbo and the Elves, but The Return of the King does not explain how the Undying Lands can help him, giving only a vague sense that Frodo will be better off there than in the Shire. .

Although there is no special hospital for One Ring victims in Valinor, The Rings of Power best explains why Frodo makes the journey. The light of Valinor is so deep, it immediately calms all who witness it. Galadriel’s thirst for revenge is also nearly quenched by the glow. As Elrond describes in Episode 1 of The Rings of Power, “Only in the Blessed Realm can heal what’s broken in you.” Sure enough, an obvious look of divine calm bathes the faces of Galadriel’s company as they reach their destination, and this ultimately explains why Frodo wanted to leave. Only a light as powerful and all-encompassing as the light found in Valinor could counter the darkness that devours Frodo’s soul.

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What happened to Frodo after he reached Valinor?

JRR Tolkien writes little about Frodo Baggins’ later years in Valinor, but offers some selected reassurances that his end was peaceful and happy. A common misconception is that upon entering the Undying Lands, Frodo himself became immortal, but this is not the case. Although he has still benefited from Valinor’s overwhelming grace, entering the Blessed Kingdom does not confer immortality on those who are not already immortal. It is understood, therefore, that the Ring-bearer would die, albeit most likely much later, by remaining in the Shire.

Mr. Frodo’s story, however, has a happy addition that The Return of the King glosses over. As a Ring-bearer and a member of the Fellowship, Samwise Gamgee also received a ticket to the Undying Lands. So when his beloved Rosie died after a long life together, Sam followed in the footsteps of his close friend and made the long journey to Valinor himself, reuniting with Frodo at the end of their days. The Undying Lands of the Rings of Power may not have allowed Frodo Baggins to live forever, then, but they did allow him to stay with Sam until the very end.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power continues Thursday / Friday on Prime Video.

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